How do you Spread the Word about your Etsy shop?

OneQuestionInterviewSmall Today’s question:  How do you spread the word about your Etsy shop?

Today’s guest:  Amanda of Vinyl Rocks My World

Amanda’s answer:


Twitter is one of the easiest (but addicting!) ways to market yourself.  

Specific suggestions:
* Post links to your new listings
* Talk about current and upcoming projects
* Brainstorm and get opinions from others
* Get to know your peers


Blogging is pretty easy, so long as you can think of things to say. Again, more people read when it isn’t all about you.

Specific suggestions:
* Feature fellow crafters
* Feature resources you’re using
* Share a new website that you’ve found
* Host giveaways from your shop or shops of others
* Include pictures in your post – they’re much more interesting than text


The Etsy forums are a great way to promote yourself!

Specific suggestions:
* Post about current sales or new listing on Promotions threads
* Answer the questions of new members
* Provide critiques if asked 


Always, always, ALWAYS carry business cards! You never know when you’ll need them.

Specific suggestions:
* Share them with post office employees when you mail your packages
* When sharing your personal phone number/email address with others, hand them a business card; they might just check out your shop!
* If your business comes up in conversations, share a business card


* Create a Facebook fan page
* Post ads on Craigslist
* Add your Etsy mini to your personal Facebook page
* Use Project Wonderful to advertise your shop

Above all, be positive, helpful, and network with your fellow crafters! Helping others will promote yourself more than you can imagine.

Thanks, Amanda!  Now, over to you.  How do you spread the word about your Etsy shop?


VinylRocksMyWorld P.S.  Be sure to check out Amanda’s shop, where she sells the coolest record bowls you’ve ever seen!

Helpful advice in easy to follow steps! Thanks.

Where in the world would I add an Etsy Mini on Facebook? I don’t see a possibility anywhere…any guidance?

Great question, Julie! I found this wonderful tutorial by Handmadeology:
I’m not sure, but I have heard that this application works only on personal Facebook profiles, not business pages. Maybe someone else will know and can add to the discussion.

I love this. Hey check out my etsy page. I make handmade beaded jewelry for low prices.

Thank you so much for the great ideas! I never thought to advertise on Craigslist. I will definitely be trying that out. Feel free to check out my Etsy shop :) I customize hand painted picture frames and canvases! Thank you again!

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