The New Facebook Fan Page Can Boost Your Etsy Sales – Part 2

We've talked about the fact that the photo ribbon on the new Facebook fan page can be a great way to build your brand, and now we'll discuss other ways to increase your brand recognition and help other brands at the same time.

1. You Can Now Interact on Facebook as your Brand Identity
One of the features of the new Facebook fan page is the ability to interact on Facebook as your brand identity. For example, the only way I used to be able to comment and "like" other pages was to do so as Julie Corbett. Now, I can click the "Account" tab and click "Use Facebook as Page." Pretty nifty

The following are some benefits of acting as my brand instead of my own personal profile:

Build Brand Recognition
I can comment on posts and "like" pages as my brand. Before, I had to comment on posts and "like" pages with my personal profile, and some of those people/pages didn't know my name . . . just my brand. Interacting as On the Dot Creations helps people recognize me.

Increase Cross-Promotion
The pages that I "like" (as my brand) appear on the left side of my page. This cross-promotion can be helpful because:
1. I can bring exposure to brands that I enjoy. It's just a nice thing to do.
2. I can bring exposure to other Facebook pages that I admin. (Corbett Capers, for example)
3. I can bring exposure to brands that I have joint ventures with.
4. I can bring exposure to brands that my fans might enjoy/learn from. This helps my fans.

You can "like" as many pages as you wish (acting as your brand), and you can feature 5 particular brands on your Facebook fan page. The thumbnails of these pages will appear on the left side of your page. Follow these steps:
1. Click the Edit Page button.
2. Click the Featured link on the left side of the page.
3. Click Add Featured Likes
4. Click the boxes beside the 5 pages that you want to feature.
5. Click Save.

Choose those featured pages wisely. You might "like" a particular fast food restaurant chain, but is allowing that thumbnail to appear on your page going to help you or your fans? Something to think about.

2. You Can Now Add Yourself as the Page Owner
Another important new feature is the ability to add yourself as the page owner. Of course, this applies only if you have a personal Facebook profile (which you probably do).

The primary reason to add yourself as the page owner is to show the personal side of your business. Especially if you create handmade products, customers like to see the real, live person behind the brand.

This concept is similar to the importance of including a profile picture on your business blog (if you have one). A personal photo of your smiling face makes customers, Facebook fans, and blog visitors more comfortable.

The steps to add yourself as the page owner are simple: 

1. Click the Edit Page button.
2. Click the Featured link on the left side of the page.
3. Click Add Featured Page Owners
4. Select your personal profile. (Your profile name and thumbnail should appear as an option if you are the "admin" of the page. You can add additional page owners later if you wish.)
5. Click Save.

If you haven't already made these two simple changes to your Facebook fan page, do so today. Just another way to increase your brand recognition and build friendships with other like-minded brands.
Are you using the "Likes" section of your fan page? Feel free to comment below with a link to your page. We'd love to see it! :)


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lovelovelove this information, thank so much!
xo abbelaine

Thanks for this, I have had a fb fan page for quite a while and I thought I knew all about it but you taught me 2 new things :)

You’re welcome! :)

I’m excited to hear that! Share a link here to your FB page if you’d like.

Julie, thank you again for all the good info, I like the idea that it is so easy now to switch from my personal FB page to my fan page, thank s again for describing how it works.

Thank you so much for this most helpful information! I’ve been trying to figure out for the longest time how to comment as my blog rather than as my individual self…now I know how!! YEA!!

I love all these changes to Facebook too. Thanks for reminding us to add ourselves as the owner. I had missed that one.

You are very welcome, Elly. You’re right . . . switching back and forth is so easy now — hurrah! :)

You’re quite welcome, Terri. Yes, commenting as your blog will really help build your brand. Thanks for your comment.

I’m so thankful for this new feature, too. One of the main reasons I use it is when a person comments on my FB page as a brand identity and I want to reply to the comment. I like to type the person’s name if possible, but before, I had no way of knowing it.

Hi Julie-
Just wondering (i didn’t see it above) how to put myself as the owner on the page. It’s on there as an admin, but not the owner.
As always, YOU ARE AWESOME and thanks for all the useful information.
p.s. love your new pic on here. super cute.

Thanks so much for your question, Amber. I have now added details in the post about how to add yourself as the page owner. I should have included that before — thanks for the reminder.
Thanks for the profile pic compliment, too. I thought it was time for a pic change since I’ve been growing my hair a little longer lately. :)

This was a great post! thanks for sharing.

Thanks for the info on tailoring the likes. I’m going to change them around right now! Great post. Isabelle

You’re welcome, Isabelle! I took a peek at your shop – I love the ladybug fabric bag! Those remind me of polka dots! :)

Wow! So much great info! My To-Do list just grew by leaps and bounds. Thank you for this!!/pages/January-Hart-Designs/179788718708653

Such a pretty Facebook page you have, January! Thanks for your kind comment.

Your work has always been a great source of inspiration for me. I refer you blog to many of my friends as well.

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