These are some of my favorite Pinterest pins from this past week. Check the links below the image to see the actual pins. I hope you enjoy each pin as much as I have!

Pins I Loved

1. Create Scale in your Product Photography
2. DIY Sequined Ampersand
3. Washi Tape Barbell Man
4. iPhone + PicMonkey = Awesome Product Photography
5. DIY Doughnut Floppy Hat

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One of the best ways to create satisfied customers is to make sure that your product photos accurately portray the size of your product. If customers receive a product that is bigger or smaller than what they expected, they will likely be frustrated. Use scale in your product photography to avoid this frustration.

Create scale in product photography

If potential customers have never seen products like yours before, they may not have any idea how big they are. That’s where scale comes in. You need to give your customers some point of reference (something familiar) that they can use to estimate how large your products are.

Polka dot air plant holders

A beautiful example of this concept is found in this adorable listing for polka dotted air plant holders from The Crafted Life. Etsy seller Rachel has captured some lovely close-up shots of her plant holders. These holders fill the frame, so one might think that they are larger, but the image with the model’s hand (at the top of this post) tells the whole truth. Without that image, a potential customer might have a difficult time telling how large the plant holders are.

Some ideas to provide scale in your product photography:

  • Photograph a model wearing or holding your product.
  • Photograph your product alongside an object that customers would associate with a product like yours. For example, if you sell handmade purses, photograph them with a coin purse, a cell phone, or a set of keys.

Thanks, Rachel, for inspiring us with your product photos! Head over to Rachel’s shop and browse around. I think she has a thing for polka dots, too! :)

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  • This is fantastic!



  • Hi Julie,

    This is a awesome post for handmade makers because they need to speak to their customers through their images.

    Not everyone is going to know the size of a product, And reading dimensions even though helpful, is so boring..

    Your way of presenting scale is much more fun..

    Blessings JanetReplyCancel

    • Julie @ On the Dot Creations

      Thanks so much for your comment, Janet! That’s a neat way to think of it: “Handmade makers . . . speak to their customers through their images.” Love that! :)ReplyCancel

I’m back today with another creative way to share your product photography with potential customers (see Creative Way #1 here).

Share product photography Fotobabble


Creative Way #2 – Fotobabble

Fotobabble is a tool that allows users to add up to 60 seconds of audio to a photograph. What a great way to share your product photography with a creative twist! Bring your product photo to life by allowing people to hear your voice while they view your image. A Fotobabble takes just minutes to create, and you have the option to share the finished product on dozens of social media outlets.

I’ve created a sample Fotobabble here (if you are reading this post via an RSS reader, click here to view the Fotobabble):

Now that you’ve seen an example, how can you create a Fotobabble for your product photo(s)? Here’s how:

Sign up for a free Fotobabble account

Head to and sign up.

Upload the product photo that you want to feature in the Fotobabble.

Choose an image that represents you and your handmade business. What is your “signature photo”? Which image do you use for your Etsy avatar? Create a Fotobabble with that image.

Another option is to create a Fotobabble for each of your products and then pin them to a Pinterest board.

* Note: Especially for product photography, I’d recommend watermarking your image in some way so that folks who come across your Fotobabble will immediately associate the photo with your shop name. Use the photo’s white space to add your watermark. Also, keep in mind that the Fotobabble player icon appears in the middle of the image, so you might want to add the watermark off-center or at the bottom.

Record your audio.

To create a Fotobabble, you will need the latest version of the Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer. A message will pop up asking you to Allow or Deny access to your computer’s microphone (I use a USB-powered Logitech headset microphone). Click Allow.

Click the Record button and capture the audio. If you make a mistake during the recording, just click Stop and then Record again. The recording will not be final until you click the Save button.

Here are some ideas about what to say during your Fotobabble recording:

  • Read your product description. You’ve spent time writing a description that convinces customers to buy. Share it audibly with your audience!
  • Answer FAQs about your product. Answer questions that customers might ask or that previous customers have asked.
  • Talk about your inspiration for the product. Why did you create it? Who do you hope to help with your product?
  • Read a testimonial from a previous customer. You could get this testimonial wording from Etsy feedback or from an email from a satisfied customer. It might be a good idea to ask the testimonial-giver’s permission first.

Add a few SEO-friendly details and save your Fotobabble.

Give your Fotobabble a title. Set your Fotobabble as Private or Public. Private Fotobabbles will be visible to only those people you share them with. Public Fotobabbles will be visible (searchable) on the site. Use keywords to help potential customers find your Fotobabble in search results.

Add some tags that apply to the product. Use the same tags that you use on Etsy if you’d like.

Share your Fotobabble.

Here are just a few ideas . . .

  • Click the “Share” button and choose from dozens of social media outlets. Consider the audience that will best receive your Fotobabble.
  • Copy and paste the Embed code and share the Fotobabble on your blog. If your blog post includes how-to photos of a process, you could share the finished product photo in your Fotobabble.
  • Share your Fotobabble on the Facebook fan page for your business. Facebook would be a great place to share a Fotobabble about an upcoming sale or new product launch!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Creating a Fotobabble is simple, quick, and fun! I highly recommend it for those who want another creative way to share your product photography!

Stay tuned for part 3 of this post series.

These are some of my favorite Pinterest pins from this past week. Check the links below the image to see the actual pins. I hope you enjoy each pin as much as I have!

Pins I Loved
1. Creative Ways to Share your Product Photography – Animoto
2. DIY Mini Photo Studio
3. DIY Polka Dot Shoes
4. Jewelry Display Idea (this shop has since closed, but the image is great inspiration!)
5. DIY Hot Pink Clay Pot

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