Polka-Dot Pea Soup?


I have vivid memories of eating split-pea soup as a child. This was totally against my wishes, I can assure you. I have never been a fan of peas, whole or split. There’s just something about green soup . . . it just doesn’t seem appetizing, does it?

Gray1_20The polka-dot pea soup featured here today is so cute, that it just might taste good. The white dots are made with a pastry bag, filled with sour cream. Leave it to Martha Stewart to think of this great idea!

Gray2_18And who doesn’t need a pink and black polka-dotted frying panĀ (now discontinued)? I’ll bet that I could make some yummy chocolate chip pancakes in that one!


Lastly, I am featuring another of Zalita‘s scrumptious-looking cupcake creations. I do believe that this one should be in a museum, not in someone’s tummy! Too cute to eat!

All these food-related polka dot items are making me hungry! I think I’ll go fix myself a snack.


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