What’s for Lunch?


Ahhh, yes.  The question often heard on a Sunday afternoon:  What’s for lunch?  Today, we’ll explore a few delectable items from some great Etsy shops.

Gray1I must admit that I’d prefer to eat dessert as the first course of any meal, so why don’t we begin with a tray of sweet items?  These adorable felt desserts look good enough to eat!  Paula has so many yummy treats in her The Fakery Bakery Etsy store.  And the good news is that her items don’t have any calories!  Hurrah!  :)

Gray2Tizz has done it again!  I love these little apple magnets!  These would be so cute on my refrigerator!  How about yours?  Visit her Tizzalicious Etsy shop for other fun, whimsical items!

Gray3Carry your lunch to work or school in style!  Made from beautifully patterned oilcloth prints, this lunch bag is adorable!  MorganMoore has so many fun polka dotted items in her Etsy shop.  Go take a look!

Once again, this food-themed post has made me hungry.  Let’s go eat lunch!  :)


  • wow great blog! i found you via winkhandmade. just when i thought i had found all the cute shops on etsy, i find you. thanks for the inspiration!

  • You made my day! :D I was all internet deprived for a few days, so this is a great thing to come back to! :D

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