How to Create a Banner Ad for your Online Shop

Want to create a visually attractive ad for your handmade shop? Perhaps you are a shop owner who wants to advertise more, but you don’t have a suitable ad. Or perhaps you already have an ad for your shop, but it needs sprucing up.

Either way, this set of 5 tutorials can help you create a banner ad that will attract more customers!

Create a Banner Ad – Part 1: Research

If you’ve ever spent time visiting crafty blogs, you’ve probably seen some fabulous ads in the sidebars.  Well, drool no longer. Now you can have an attractive ad like that, too!

We all know that it’s not nice to copy, but sometimes browsing through blogs or websites for ad inspiration is just what we need to get started.

Here is today’s assignment:

  1. Visit some blogs or websites that you enjoy (particularly those with sidebar ads).
  2. Take note of ads that catch your attention. What makes them attractive? Do they inspire you to click and visit the shop?
  3. Now, take some specific notes:
    1. Are your favorite ads animated (blinking, rotating, changing) or static (stay the same)?
    2. If they are animated, how many different frames do the ads have?
    3. Is the animation fast or slow?
    4. What color palettes do your favorite ads use? (bright, bold, muted, calming)
    5. Do the ads show products only, or are they mixed with text?

More tips coming in Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5.

Julie Signature 

  • Okay, let’s get started . . .
    One ad that caught my eye was on the Modish blog. It was on the left side, and the company is Eclectic Eccentricity.
    a. The ad is animated.
    b. The ad has 4 frames.
    c. The animation is slow.
    d. The color palette is pastel (elegant).
    e. I love this ad because the name of the shop remains at the bottom, while product pictures rotate.
    Now, let’s see your research!

  • Well for me…..
    One ad that caught my eye was on the Creature Comfort. It was on the left side.
    a. The ad is animated.
    b. The ad has 4 frames.
    c. The animation is slow.
    d. The color palette is pink.. I love Pink!!!
    e. The ad mixes pictures and Text.. that caought my attention.
    I’m ready to start!!!!

  • Julie! What an awesome idea!
    Thank you for encouraging me to research and really get an idea of what I like before just jumping in!

  • The ad I loved is on Modish Biz Tips…it’s on the right hand side and the 2nd one down.
    It’s an ad for Liz Kalloch Designs.
    a. The ad is animated.
    b. The ad has 3 frames.
    c. The animation is medium – just right!
    d. The color palette is soft with bits of sassiness. Love it! The backgrounds are soft and then bits of color pop out almost like adorable little necklaces hanging down with flowers on them.
    e. The ad mixes digital art and fun, subtle backgrounds with text.
    So cool!

  • The ad I prefer is on the Modish blog, left side, it’s about 21 down and the name of the store is Mireio.
    a. The ad is animated.
    b. The ad has 3 frames.
    c. The animation is medium.
    d. The photos are bright and happy.
    e. My favorite part is the banner at the bottom. It has a decorated background with the name of the store…love that!
    Okay, let’s make one now! LOL! HUGS!

  • This is great, thanks Julie! It’s like you read my mind – “how can I advertise when I haven’t even got a logo or and ad??”
    I like one on Modish: #1 for Nicola Yoom. It features the logo which appears static, then the photos of her products flash under it, not too fast.
    The ad is framed which I like, in the same style as the company logo.
    The photos are all closeup on the same colored background, there are 4 in all, all tying in with the same color as the logo, blues and oranges.

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