How to Create a Banner Ad for your Online Shop – Part 2

If you haven’t already, I hope you’ll complete the Part 1 lesson: Research.

Part 2: Select, Crop, and Write a Tag Line

Perhaps the most important step in creating a fabulous ad is choosing the product photos to feature. Of course, you don’t have to use a product photo for your ad . . . sometimes well-placed text can be just as effective.

For this tutorial’s purposes, however, we’ll use product photos.

Step 1 – Select a great product photo

* Choose a photo of a bestseller that you already know is popular.
* Choose a photo that really represents your brand.
* If you plan to create an ad with more than one frame, choose more than one product photo.

Step 2 – Crop

Using photo editing software (or an online editor), crop your photo to 150 x 150 pixels at 72 dpi.  Of course, you can crop the photo to whatever size you’d like your ad to be, but we’ll use 150 x 150 pixels for our tutorial.

* Don’t be scared of a “close crop” (unless the crop makes the item unidentifiable).
* Consider cropping off part of the item so you have white space (an area without print or pictures).
* Crop the photo so the center of the object is not in the center of the frame.
* Keep some of the object a mystery so the customer will click to see more.
* Attempt to capture a creative angle to add visual interest.

Here are some examples of how to crop a product photo:

This product photo from the Maui Dive Girl Etsy shop would be perfect for a shop ad.

Here are some cropping options. The areas marked with red are places where ad text would fit nicely:

Crop Options
Based on my suggestions in Step 2 above, can you guess which of these crops is my favorite? Option#1 is definitely out, but either option #2 or #3 would work. My favorite is option #2. I love that white space to the left of the product!

Step 3 – Write a Tag Line

A tag line is simply a catch phrase that you use to describe your shop. You probably already have a phrase that you use on your shop header, business card, etc.

Okay, it’s time for you to get to work!

Next, we’ll talk about adding an effective font to the ad. Stay tuned!

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  • Oh wow! What a great idea! I have a habit of centering everything… Thanks, Julie – love it!

  • I wanted to add a word about the cropping. I like option #3 the best because I see the product first and then the name of the shop (or whatever wording you choose) second. The name of the shop is the last impression — that’s important!

  • Great tip! My photos always seem to need help!!!

  • My photos need an overhaul too, back later!

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