How to Create a Fabulous Ad for Your Online Shop – Part 4

Shop Ad Tutorial GraphicWe've talked about choosing a product photo, cropping that photo, finding white space for text, and adding that text.

But what if the product photo that you really want to use doesn't have much white space for the ad text?

Let's take a look at this wonderful photo from Golden Shop:

GoldenShop Ad1  

I love the creative angle of this shot, and it perfectly represents Rachel's shop; but what about white space for the ad text?  There is some room to the left of the hat, but I suspect that the spot where the green meets the background paper might be distracting if I place text there.

How about this?

GoldenShop Ad2 

I added a white rectangle on top of the photo, and then changed its transparency to 35%.  Now I can add some text.

GoldenShop Ad3 

This is a great solution, because I can still see the product behind the rectangle, and I can also read the text of the ad.

You might be wondering how to add a transparent rectangle with text on top it.  You can use most photo editing software (like Photoshop or Photoshop Elements), but there's also a non-software, free way too.  I'll talk about that in Part 5 of this tutorial series.

Until then,


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