How to Create a Fabulous Ad for Your Online Shop – Part 5

Shop Ad Tutorial Graphic Today's lesson:  Use Picnik to add text to an ad

Ahhhh . . . Picnik.  How I love thee.  Let me count the ways.

Are you familiar with the free online photo editor Picnik?  If you spend any time editing photos, you will love it!

Picnik is wonderful for many reasons, but here are a couple highlights:

* It's free.  Free is always good.
* It is web-based.  No software to download.
* It has a fun, easy-to-use interface.
* It can accomplish most photo editing tasks that I used to accomplish only in Photoshop Elements.

Now, let's use Picnik to add some text to our ad:

1. Visit, register for a free account, and upload your photo.

Picnik Screenshot 1 

2. Once your photo is uploaded (you can upload 5 photos at a time with the free account), click the Create tab, the Stickers tab, and then Geometric Shapes.

 Picnik Screenshot 3 

3. Add a rectangle on top of your photo.  You can choose the rectangle's color by clicking anywhere in the "sticker color" box.  For this tutorial, we'll make our rectangle white.  On the "Fade" slider, change the transparency to 35 percent (or whatever transparency you like).

Picnik Screenshot 5 

4. Once your rectangle is where you want it, click away from the rectangle to get rid of the handles around it.  Next, click the Text tab.

Picnik Screenshot 6 

5. Now, in the text box, type the text that you want on top of the photo.  Then, click "Add."

Picnik Screenshot 7 

6. Just like Step 3 above, you can change the color of the text by clicking anywhere in the "sticker color box."  I chose black for this tutorial.  When you are finished, click anywhere outside the rectangle to confirm the text.

Picnik Screenshot 8 

7. The final step is to save your image.  Click the "Save & Share" tab and save the image to your computer.

Picnik Screenshot 9 


That's all there is to it!  Now you know how to add text on top of an image with little or no white space.

Good luck creating a fantastic ad for your handmade shop!

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Photo courtesy of Space Dog Studios

  • Hi Julie! Just wanted to tell you that although I don’t need to make an ad, I do use picnik all the time and now have been adding the box in some of my collages! I have done it in my other editing software, but never thought of using the stickers to do it in picnik. Thanks a mil as always!

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