What if Your Products Sell Well Offline but not Online?

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What do I do if my products sell well offline (at craft fairs, etc.) but don't sell well online?

Today's guest:
Bethany of Annie and Olive

This is a wonderful question, first posed to me in a comment on this blog.  I'm sure many of you Etsy sellers might be wondering the same thing.

photo: xsbaggageandco

Bethany's answer:
If you are selling well at craft shows but not online . . .

1. Improve your photographs. 

* A craft fair is a feast for the eyes and appeals to our tactile nature.  You must re-create the look and feel of your product for the two-dimensional world of the computer customer. 
* Get your product in natural lighting to take the photos. 
* If you have some money to invest, purchase a macro lens which takes great close-up shots. 
* Gain some knowledge of a good photo editing program.  These help when you are color-balancing or when your white pictures look dark and grey straight out of the camera.

2. Keep a consistent look throughout your shop, and make it the same as your craft fair presence.

* Have a cool and funky tablecloth you use at craft fairs?  Incorporate those colors into your logo, banner, and background.

3. Have fun, and don't give up!

Hand out business cards, and those loyal customers who fork over the bucks at the fair will follow you anywhere.

Now it's your turn!  Do you have any ideas to add to Bethany's?


  • This is true for my shop and am glad to have come across this. Thank you for posting this question now I know I am not alone and will be looking at what I can improve in my shop.

  • Thanks for your kind comment, Emily! I’m glad the post helped you!

  • I am presently working on re-taking my jewelry photographs and updating my gallery. It takes time but I am getting there.

    Perseverance is the secret to a successful achievement!ReplyCancel

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