Your Etsy Avatar: Does It Really Matter?

A great Etsy avatar is important. So important, in fact, that it appears as Secret #2 in my e-book, Secrets of Savvy Etsy Sellers. Let’s talk more about Etsy avatars and find out why they’re so important.

Etsy Avatar
What is an Etsy avatar?

A 75 by 75 pixel graphic that represents your Etsy shop in forums, convos, chats, etc.

What image should I use for my Etsy avatar?

Choose a best-selling, signature item. There is some debate about whether an Etsy avatar should be a picture of the seller’s face or a product photo. In my opinion, a product photo is better, because potential customers are more prone to investigate your shop because of an attractive item.

Some avatar tips:

Some people put their shop name on their avatar, but since your shop name almost always appears beside your avatar on the Etsy site, what’s the need? Let a great product photo take the spotlight instead! There is one exception to this rule, however. In some cases, a person’s username is not the same as the shop name. If this is true, it might be appropriate to include the shop name on the avatar.

I would advise against putting a blank canvas with the wording “On Vacation” or “Sale” as your avatar. While this might seem to be helpful marketing for your shop, it doesn’t make people want to click the avatar. Here’s one exception, however:  if your product photo has lots of white space, and you can fit the word “Sale” in that space, go for it! Don’t compete with the product itself, though. Of course, be sure to remove the “sale” wording when your items aren’t on sale.

Some people aren’t sure about how to make an avatar, or they assume that they need a graphic designer’s help. Not so, my friend! You can easily create your avatar, even without photo editing software!

Search your shop for an attractive product photo.

* Is it a best seller (or at least has lots of views)?
* Does it have some white space?
* Does it have a simple background?
* It’s not a blurry picture, is it? Blurry is bad, my friend.
* Are your product photos actually turning customers away? (free video series)

Crop your photo to the appropriate size.

Open the image in a free online editor (like PicMonkey) and crop it to 75 x 75 pixels. Be sure to crop creatively, as I mentioned in this post.

Upload it to your Etsy profile.

Now, over to you. Do you have any tips for a great Etsy avatar? What are your opinions about changing your avatar frequently? Good idea or bad idea?


photo by Jared

  • Hi Julie!
    I have to say, I love your blog. It’s super professional and you’re very knowledgeable! Thanks for the Etsy tips, and for putting together the e-book.

  • I also really have loved all your tips on the e-book. Thank you so much for putting it together for people like me. This topic is especially helpful. I am thinking my avatar needs to be changed now to reflect more of what I sell not just something cutesy that I like the look of. I am also curious about changing avatar often…is it wise???

  • This is an amazing post! I thought these tips were hidden in the minds of techno geeks….you’re awesome~

  • libby follette

    I’m just getting started.ReplyCancel

  • This article is helpful but is the avatar a picture of me or is it the shop icon? I have a picture of me for shop owner and a picture of a pair of earrings of mine that were featured in an Etsy article in the Palm Beach Post newspaper.


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