6 Tips for Sponsoring an Etsy Shop Giveaway


Giveaways. The Internet is filled with them. From flat screen televisions to Amazon gift cards, there are literally hundreds of giveaways going on each week. Ever thought of sponsoring a giveaway from your Etsy shop?

Here are some tips:

1. Choose your giveaway host carefully.
You may, of course, choose to host your giveaway on your own blog, but you will probably get better exposure if you can find a popular blogger to host your giveaway for you. Do a Google search for "Etsy giveaway," and you'll be amazed at the resources you'll find.

2. Don't give away junk.
You might be tempted to give away that item in your shop that hasn't sold, or an item with few customer views. Avoid that tendency. Remember that the giveaway item should be a reflection of your very best work. You never know who might win the giveaway — that person could potentially become a future customer.

3. Sponsor a giveaway when your shop is new.
This might sound like a foolish idea, given the fact that new shop owners probably don't have lots of profit yet, but what a better time to introduce the world to your shop than when it is brand new?

4. Use the giveaway comments to improve your shop.
I recently hosted a giveaway for Etsy seller, Busybizzy B. Shop owner Jaime created an adorable polka dotted apron for the giveaway. When the giveaway participants searched her shop for their favorite items, almost every single one of them commented that the aprons in her shop were their favorites.

What is most interesting is that Jaime's shop doesn't specialize in aprons. In fact, a very small percentage of the shop items were aprons. Jaime gained some wonderful feedback from the giveaway experience, and she plans to expand the number of aprons in her shop right away!

5. Don't make the giveaway participants jump through too many "hoops" to enter.
Sad but true, if you require giveaway participants to complete several steps to be eligible, many will simply "pass" on that giveaway. Some giveaways require a Tweet, a post on the participant's blog, etc. While these items would definitely increase the giveaway's exposure, they can be a turn-off and might lead to fewer giveaway entries.

Most people expect the "standard" giveaway routine: visit the sponsor's shop and leave a comment listing your favorite item. Much more than that, and you're probably limiting your giveaway entries.

6. View your giveaway as an investment in your business.
Let's face it, a giveaway costs a shop owner money: the cost of the item, the cost of shipping the item to the winner, etc. You must remember, however, that this small investment could potentially have a big return in future sales. Invest a little, and you might get back a lot.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of Etsy giveaway tips.


photo by Piccalilli Days

  • I so appreciate your give-a-way advice… I’m not an etsy seller, but what you said really helps me navigate my way though this new trend! I’ve thought about hosting a give-a-way for sometime now… I’d love to hear your advice for the hosters too!!
    Do you know where this give-a-way thing started? It really is an amazing– small business to small business tool. Really cool, low cost advertising. The idea of helping out another local artist or biz is very appealing.
    My favorite tip— #5 so very true!

  • Julie,
    Thank you for you 2 part series on Etsy giveaways. These tips can also be applied to help any Etsy sellers. Fast shipping and communication are so important for creating a virtual shop into a real life shopping experience. I also agree that give-a-ways are a fantastic way to advertise and market your business for a very low cost. After I read your tid-bits I rushed over to google to check out Etsy giveaways.
    Too bad I do not have polka-dots in my shop, or I would sponsor a give away with On The Dot!
    P.S. I am very excited for Fine Tooth Comb to open, what a useful concept.