Improve Your Etsy Shop by Reading a Magazine

Got some old magazines lying around the house? Did you know that those magazines are filled with ideas to improve your Etsy shop?

Read Magazines for Handmade Shop Inspiration

I recently found a 4-year-old copy of Martha Stewart’s Kids magazine, and in ten minutes, I had found at least six ideas that can definitely apply to any Etsy shop.

Let’s take a closer look.

1. Table of Contents
Every magazine has a table of contents, and so should your Etsy shop. Organize your shop into sections, and your customers will easily be able to find the items they’re looking for.

2. Letter from the Editor
Introduce yourself to your customers and let them know what inspires you to create. Use the profile page for this purpose. By the way, contrary to what you might see in some Etsy shops, the shop announcement is NOT the best place to do this.

3. Article Photographs
Magazine article photographs are always so well-staged and appealing to the eye.  Work to improve your shop photographs so that customers will browse through your entire shop, looking for that must-buy item.

4. Coming Soon
Many magazines include details about upcoming issues, and Etsy shop owners can do the same thing by mentioning upcoming product lines, sales, etc. in the shop announcement. Resist the urge to share too much information there, though.

5. Fine Print
Turn to the back of a magazine, and you’ll find at least a few pages of fine print. These pages might include details from earlier articles, legal jargon, etc. Etsy shop owners should also include some fine print in their shops: return policies, payment options, shipping details, etc. Use the shop policies page for this.

6. Subscription Card
If you read magazines, you are already aware of the subscription cards inserted in the pages. Etsy sellers can encourage customers to subscribe, too. Read this Etsy article about how to direct customers to your shop’s RSS feeds.


Now, over to you.  What other aspects of a magazine might be helpful for small business owners?


  • Brittany

    Wow. I’ve been a customer on etsy for over a year and never noticed the “subscribe to shop feed option”. Thanks for the tip!

  • Thank you so much for this article. Great and helpful.

  • Lindazkewl

    I’m thinking of opening an Etsy shop. These ideas are very helpful. Thanks for the Tweet!

  • Thanks so much for these great ideas! I’ll be using some of these tips!

  • Excellent work, my friend! I adore the association you have used between a publication and our shop values. Most people would never quite think of the assets we have readily available to us to improve the flow of our shop and increase our business at the same time..I enjoyed reading through your tips!
    I would also encourage sellers to think of the things that would attract them to a magazine..such as a discount in the subscription price etc..most offer this to 1st time subscribers and then to loyal customers at renewal time..A shop owner might think of including a special coupon to their buyers in their can even be for a minimal amount like 10% off your next purchase..but this can encourage repeat business and make your customers feel important.
    If you want to attract new business with this idea then use FaceBook and Twitter to tweet special discounts for new buyers etc..I offer it to my customers and much of my sales are from repeat customers! Wouldn’t you be more apt to get that subscription if it were offered to you as a special savings? I sure would!

  • Auti

    These are very helpful hints, Thanks

  • great tips!!!

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