Etsy Feedback — Is It Really Helpful?

OneQuestionInterviewSmall Today's question:
Is Etsy feedback truly helpful for your business?

Today's guest:
Di of Auntie Di's De-Lites

As we all know, feedback is a wonderful tool for any business. Feedback affects our business decisions and can make or break our success.

Etsy allows buyers and sellers alike to provide feedback for each purchase made on the site. You'd think this feedback would be extremely helpful — but is it really?

Dmangust Di's answer:
"I definitely use customer feedback to guide my shop in the direction I want it to go. My customers generally leave me detailed feedback, so I can see what needs to be improved on, or even what I did just right.

Sometimes it's something as simple as a scent suggestion for my candles. I take all my comments to heart, and try to use them to improve or expand upon my current practices."

Now, over to you. Do you find Etsy feedback truly helpful, or is it mostly just "pats on the back"? What are some ideas for providing truly helpful feedback?


  • Zime

    I’d really like some feedback!!! I’ve just open my Etsy shop and I think know what the customer think about our shop is very important. I hope to have feedback really soon!!! ;)

  • I would love to get more detailed, constructive feedback. Mostly I got things like I Love it, which is always totally wonderful, but I’d like to hear things like: whether the package got there in one piece and with no bendies, were the prints what they expected them to be like, and etc. Good question about feedback!

  • You know, as a customer I know I look at feedback a lot to know if a seller looks trustworthy.
    So as a seller myself now I have to look at feedback in that way, from the perspective of potential customers.
    Which is why Etsy’s “kiss and make up” feature is AWESOME. If you goof up an order (or someone goofs up yours) you can always go back and sort of “undo” your review.

  • I would also love more details on my feedback! I often send off items and wonder how it arrived and what the person really thought. Feedback is great for helping me get better. That’s one reason I enjoy doing custom orders for people I know personally. They’ll give me real feedback & I can ask them tons of questions.

  • Annie

    I love looking at ratings and people’s comments, however, when I received a faulty product that was damaged and not like the one pictured… I rated the seller a neutral for the the product that was damaged, and positive rated the other. Well, she retaliated and rated me negative and told me never to shop at her store again and was pretty angry. I feel bad, but I don’t want another potential customer to purchase a product and run into the same thing- I would have wanted to know if I did it again.
    Anyways… I don’t want a negative rating- especially when I feel like its really not my fault, so I’m trying the “kiss and make up” feature. But I feel like this feature makes me have to change my true feedback to something not true in order to get rid of my negative rating. I don’t feel like that’s fair for me as a buyer, or fair for other potential buyers. So I’m not too sure that the kiss and make up feature on Etsy makes the feedback accurate because who wants to get slapped with a negative rating because they rated the seller neutral because it was the truth?

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