Spruce Up Your Etsy Shop

RealLifeApplications Once we get our Etsy shops "up and running," we often get busy with the day to day tasks of the business and forget that our shop's first impression is very important. Sometimes all our shop needs is a little sprucing up.

My real-life story:
At the office where I work my day job, a group of board members visited for a meeting today. These individuals rarely visit our office, and we wanted to make the office spic and span for their visit.

We dusted, vacuumed, scrubbed, and polished . . . all in an effort to make a great first impression.

Was it the primary purpose of those board members to see how clean our office was? No, definitely not. They came to our office for a much more important purpose. So why did we spend the time cleaning and preparing for their visit?  

Because we didn't want the office surroundings to be a distraction from the real reason they were there.

Swgrlimited The application for online sellers:
How long has it been since you viewed your shop from the perspective of a first-time customer? Is your shop filled with distractions? Does your shop need some sprucing up?

1. Clean out the junk.
Let's face it, some of us have items in our shops that aren't really our best work. Perhaps it's an item that hasn't sold in months. Perhaps it's a shop announcement that keeps getting longer and longer, filled with unnecessary details. Let's clean it up!

2. Wash the windows.
Distracting elements like dirt and dust can hinder the view through a window, just like unclear, dark photos can hinder the view of your products. Brighten up those photos with editing software (or the free online editor Picnik). Get rid of blurry photos. Consider making the background of all of your items similar. Ask yourself this question: do my photographs do my items justice?

3. Smile and say hello.
When those board members stepped into our office today, we didn't ignore them and expect them to know their way around. Neither should you. Now, I realize that online customers can't see your face or hear your voice, but they can get a sense of your personality through your shop's appearance.

Here are some ideas:

* Be pleasant in your shop announcement and profile. You did fill out your profile page, didn't you?
* Be approachable. Share the URL of your blog, your Twitter username, etc. Make sure customers know how to get in touch with you.
* Organize your shop items into categories. This will help your customers browse through your shop with ease.

How about you? What are your suggestions for sprucing up your online shop?


  • Good advice that should be obvious, but I think we all need reminding sometimes. Thanks

  • Great tips here too! After I read these ones I just imagined the costumers stepping into my shop, and, in that situation, I would say “Hello, how are you?”. So I added that “conversation” to my shop announcement, everyone who comes into my shop will be nicely received.
    Now it’s only missing “Do you want a cup of coffee?” :)

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