Increase Your Etsy Sales with Great Product Photography


Polaroid Camera

So, you’re ready to list an item on Etsy. How can you be sure that customers will take notice of your product?

1. Photograph your item.
Much has been published online about product photography. Simply Google product photography tips, and you’ll come up with more ideas than you can possibly read. One quick tip that I’ll mention here is to take lots of shots of your item at different angles. This will come in handy for step 3 below.

2. Edit the photographs.
Again, so much could be said on this subject. At the bare minimum, you’ll need to do the following:
a. Edit the exposure of the photos (brighten them up a bit if needed).
b. Crop the photos (I talked a bit about cropping in this post and this post).
c. Resize the photos for the web.

3. Use all 5 of the available photo spots on Etsy.
I can’t tell you how many Etsy listings I’ve seen that use just the main photo spot and leave the other four spots blank. Remember that your online customers cannot touch or hold your products, so you must provide them with as many photo angles as possible.

One Etsy shop that does this well is b u d. Just take a look at the photos in this listing:

Bud necklace

I love it that the first photo angle is a bit unconventional. It makes me want to look more closely at the other photo angles and learn more about the piece. I also like the fact that some photos show a close-up view of the necklace, and others show the entire piece. Bravo!

How about you? Do you have other product photography tips to share?

top photo from Aghman

  • Heidi

    Beautiful necklace

  • I’ve been using to do my photo editing. It’s free, and waaay easier to use than Photoshop!

  • It’s so challenging to take good product shots (especially if you’re photographically challenged–I used to get laughed at by my family for my lack of picture taking skills as evidenced by blurry photos of people with their heads cut off!!) Luckily I have gotten a little better, but there is still room for improvement.
    Thanks for the helpful hints!
    Smiles, Karen
    p.s. pop by my blog and enter the giveaway….there are DOTS involved…..!

  • Your advice is just on target!!! photos really do sell us the product… I find myself being sucked into items just because it looks sweet in the photo!!!
    I have shot commercially for several years now and my advice is to TURN OFF YOUR FLASH and use God’s NATURAL light. Let your windows do the work for you. Believe me– soft evening sunlight will yield better photos than than any super expensive lighting equipment.
    Have fun! :):)

  • Great article, Julie! It is so hard to pull the trigger to buy a product when the picture(s) don’t do the item justice. It’s impossible to buy something without a decent picture to look at!
    Definitely agree with Katherine Marie, NATURAL LIGHT is the best. That has got to be some of the best advice to give about photographing your products. Flash and artificial lights can really be the devil – they’ll alter the colors and throw things off and just turn out to be disastrous!
    I also agree with getting different angles to help the potential buyer see the product from all sides. Interesting main photos will definitely draw the buyer in to see more! I can’t tell you how much that helped me when I started changing up my photos in my shop. :)

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