More Tips for Sponsoring a Blog Giveaway


Welcome to Part 2 of tips for sponsoring a blog giveaway. If you missed last week's installment, you can read it here.

So how can a small business owner (such as an Etsy seller) benefit from sponsoring a giveaway?

1. Giveaways bring your shop exposure.
Get your name (and product) in front of customers who might not otherwise visit your shop. Even if you don't make any sales during the giveaway week, don't despair. You'll be surprised at how many giveaway participants will come back to visit your shop later.

2. Giveaways often cause participants to mark your shop as a favorite ("heart" it).
Simply put, hearts often produce future customers.

3. Giveaways allow you to get your product into the hands of a potential future customer. 
What better way to win over a potential customer than to send a piece of your work, free of charge? Giveaways allow your customers to see and touch your product. Just be sure that the giveaway item you send is your best work.

Want another tip for making your giveaway experience successful? Make a positive connection with the winner of your giveaway. 

Here's how:

1. Communicate
When you learn the contact information of the giveaway winner, contact him/her right away with a word of congratulations. Be genuinely excited, and assure the winner that you will send the item right away. This prompt communication will speak volumes about your attention to detail.

2. Ship Quickly
As soon as possible, ship the giveaway item to the winner. Promptness suggests professionalism. You might consider sending another quick email to the winner as soon as you have mailed the giveaway item, stating that the package is on its way.

3. Follow Up
You might want to send one last email when you feel sure that the giveaway item has arrived. Ask for feedback about the item or thank the person for entering the giveaway. All of these efforts to communicate will surely have a positive impact on the winner and might even turn him/her into a future customer!

Now, it's your turn. What details about sponsoring a giveaway would you add to this post? Feel free to share in the comments.

Good luck in your future giveaway endeavors!


  • Absolutely, COMMUNICATION is the most important! I’ve done two giveaways and I’m as excited to give the product as the winner is to receive it. But, I can’t tell you how often I hear that people weeks later still haven’t contacted their winners much less sent the prize. It’s really discouraging, for everyone. It is free advertising in a way, but it’s also a responsibility to make sure you’re representing yourself professionally.
    If you think of it later, it’s also good to check in on your winner a few weeks after sending the product just to see how they like it (and be sure they received it).

  • Oh yeah, and…
    1. Make sure the item is packaged just as if they had bought it.
    2. Blog about your winner (and link to them if they have a blog).
    You never know if they have a blog and how popular it/they might be. One small bit of pampering to your giveaway winner might mean a blog post from them that could be seen by thousands of new potential customers! (I definitely blog about things I win!)

  • Great tips! I had one giveaway sponsor take forever to mail out the item…it made her look really bad. Fast responses and shipping is a must or it’s a waste of your time.
    Most of the time it all works out great for everyone involved! :-)