4 Ways to Prevent Etsy Shop Neglect


Such a pitiful-looking house, isn't it? This particular structure, as unstable as it may look, is still standing, almost two years after I snapped this picture. Hard to believe that a strong wind hasn't completely toppled it already.

Perhaps you feel that, like this house, your Etsy shop has been a bit neglected lately, especially during the summer months. Take the following steps now to avoid neglecting your Etsy shop any longer:

1. Pull the weeds
As you can see in the picture above, the grass has recently been cut, but the weeds are taking over! Weeds do nothing more than suck nutrients from other vegetation. They grow out of control, distracting the eye from a home's landscaping.

Are these aspects of your shop distracting your customers from making a purchase?
* inconsistent backgrounds for your photos
* grammatical errors in your shop wording

2. Reinforce any sagging timbers
Where are your shop's weakest areas? Are your item descriptions less than convincing? Are your tags a bit sparse? Take the time to check every single listing (no matter how long it takes). Do any areas need improvement?

3. Apply a new coat of paint
How about your shop's appearance? Do your photos or graphics need some va va voom? Consider a new look to spruce up your shop.

4. Weekly upkeep
Just like many homeowners have a checklist of weekly upkeep duties, Etsy shops need frequent updates. On a weekly basis, you should be:
* marketing your shop via Facebook, Twitter, blog commenting, etc.
* updating your shop announcement with current sales/specials
* checking your Google Analytics account to see your shop's progress

How about you? Has your Etsy shop been a bit neglected lately? Share with us your plans to get things back on track.


  • Thanks as always for the ideas, Julie! xx

  • Jay (UK)

    This is a great blog!

  • A great post…I know I’m guilty of Etsy shop neglect :( Another thing on the weekly upkeep list can be making some PR contacts. Modish Biz Tips just did a great post on how to build a PR contact list.

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