Which Sandpaper Grit Does Your Etsy Shop Need?


Have I mentioned lately that my family is still in the midst of a major house renovation? Eleven months and counting (sigh). We're coming down the home stretch now, and the end can't come soon enough for me. :)

Needless to say, I have spent many an evening in the local home improvement store. When my husband bought some sandpaper the other day, I had another one of my light bulb moments. "Hey!  I can write a blog post about this!" (Yes, I get excited about writing these posts for you. I'm weird like that.)
So what does sandpaper have to do with an Etsy shop?

You probably already know that sandpaper is organized by levels of grit. The higher the grit number, the finer the sandpaper. The lower the grit number, the coarser the sandpaper.

That said, it struck me that our Etsy shops can sometimes use a good dose of sandpaper to smooth out the rough edges. So, which sandpaper grit does your Etsy shop need?

Sandpaper2Super Fine Sandpaper 
This is used for "fine sanding of the finish to remove some luster or surface blemishes and scratches." 

This Etsy shop already has:
* great product photos
* clear item descriptions
* appropriate pricing

This Etsy shop might need:
* a wording critique
* an updated shop announcement (current sales, etc.)

Ask a friend/family member to read through your shop's wording, checking for unclear or wordy descriptions. Check this post for more suggestions.

Fine Sandpaper
This is used for "a final sanding pass before finishing the wood."

This Etsy shop already has:
* enough listings to fill the shop
* mediocre product photos

This Etsy shop might need:
* a photo makeover

Does the shop look cohesive and organized? Are the lighting conditions for each photograph the same (indoor or outdoor lighting)? Are the photo backgrounds distracting? Take an honest look at your shop, or have a friend/family take a look with fresh eyes. You'll be surprised what improving your shop's photographs will do.

Coarse Sandpaper
This is used for "heavy sanding and stripping, roughing up the surface."

This Etsy shop already has:
* a way-too-long shop announcement
* product photos that are too dark, too distracting
* ineffective tags for each item (not enough, not appropriate)

This Etsy shop might need:
* completely new photos of every listing
* a major "trim" of the shop announcement
* a new shop banner and avatar
* a tags makeover (use all 14 spots if possible)

Whatever grit of sandpaper your shop might need, don't become discouraged. Your home shop improvement project won't take too long if you get started right away. You can do it!

What other tips would you add to this post?


  • These are great posts, thanks for the advice. I’ve found hanging out on the critique forum on Etsy helps alot when you need a fresh set of eyes.
    I’d love for you to take a look at my shop if you have a minute and give me a critique.
    http://www.embellishedbayou.etsy.com. Thanks!

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