Do You Run a Consistent Etsy Shop?

Have you ever paid attention to the different types of trees in your yard? Depending on the season of the year, many of them are quite beautiful.

If your Etsy shop were a tree, would it be a maple or an evergreen?

Maple trees are green in the spring and summer, jaw-dropping gorgeous in the fall, and bare in the winter. Maples aren’t consistent. 

Evergreen trees, on the other hand, look the same year-round. Always green, there is little, if any, variation in the appearance of this tree. Evergreens are consistent.

Of course, we’d all love to be brilliant once in a while, but isn’t it a better idea to be consistent?

Here are 3 tips for maintaining a consistent Etsy shop:

1. Keep your product photos consistent.
Consistent backgrounds, consistent photo angles, consistent lighting — all are very important.

Take the Yunisacs Etsy shop, for example.

This shop specializes in frame purses of various sizes and fabrics. Even though the fabrics are drastically different, the overall look of the shop is very appealing because of the consistent backgrounds and lighting. 


2. Keep your marketing efforts consistent. 
Set up a schedule to market your shop:  every day or just certain days a week. Write a blog post, Tweet about a new product, or post to Facebook. Make a calendar for the month and then stick to it. Post the schedule somewhere where you will see it often. Make an appointment with yourself . . . and keep it!

3. Keep your “time to create” schedule consistent.
Many Etsy sellers are mothers, and we know that each day is unpredictable. Kids get sick, laundry piles up, meals need to be prepared. If you create your handmade items “whenever you get a minute” with no set schedule, you will feel frazzled and unorganized. You will feel that your time is controlling you, rather than you controlling your time.

Here’s a tip: sit down and map out a schedule of your typical day. When will you find time to create, list, and ship your items? Enlist your family’s help. Talk with them about your needs for some “private”/work time.

Perhaps your child’s nap time is the only time that you can create your products. Hurray for naps! :)  Make nap time your designated creative time. Don’t allow anything (television, internet surfing, checking email, napping) to take you away from creating during that time. Don’t get me wrong, I love to nap while my child is napping, but if that is my only time to create, then that time is reserved for product creation/listing, etc.

Good luck in becoming an evergreen Etsy shop!


Top Photos: © Brad Calkins | © Vladimir Ivanov |

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