Go Above and Beyond for Your Customers

Want to make a great impression on your customers?  Go above and beyond their expectations!

Go Above and Beyond for Customers
I recently had a positive experience at my local public library, and I gleaned some tips to share with you.

I entered the library, desperately searching for a book to read to my son’s kindergarten class the next morning. I am typically a plan-ahead type of person, so this last-minute trip was definitely stressing me out. I needed a children’s book about Thanksgiving, and I needed it fast.

Not only did the librarian have several book suggestions for me, but she also gave me an idea for a song I could teach the kids as well as a coloring page for the children.

Did that librarian have to go above and beyond that way? Of course not. All she was obliged to do was help me find a book. Instead, she took time (almost 15 minutes, in fact) to make sure that I left the library armed with books and great ideas to make the experience in my son’s classroom a success.

So, what are some ways you can go above and beyond for your customers?

1. Suggest coordinating items.

Necklace and EarringsPoint out other items in your shop that might coordinate with an item your customer is considering. Even if you suggest a coordinating product from another handmade seller, you are encouraging greater exposure for handmade products in general . . . and that helps you in the long run.

This technique is called upselling, and I talk more about it in my free product descriptions e-course.

2. Make a connection with the customer.

If your products are selling like hotcakes, you may not have lots of extra time, but if your shop is new and you are willing to spend a few extra minutes on each sale, make a connection with your customers. Who is this purchase for? Is this item for a special occasion? Don’t be nosey, but show a genuine interest in the customer.

3. Follow up.

Create a reminder to check back with the customer after the item should have arrived. Even if the customer did not leave official Etsy feedback, ask for feedback via a short email or Etsy convo. Show your customers that you actually care how the item worked out for them.

In short, be memorable. You will eventually see results from your efforts.


  • I used to make a matching suggestion in an item’s description, when it existed, but just with the name of the other item (of course, in the same shop), but a while ago I started to see that other sellers actually post the url, I always thought that we weren’t allowed to do that! So now I also add the url of the matching item. It’s a great thing to do!

  • You’re right –those Etsy URLs are great!

  • Great tip. Thank you.ReplyCancel

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