How to Deal with Negative Feedback

Any small business owner knows that feedback about your company’s products is crucial. Positive feedback is always encouraging, but how should you deal with negative feedback?

Deal with Negative Feedback
I recently had a customer service experience that applies to this topic.

After ordering an item from an Etsy shop a few weeks ago, I did not receive the item as soon as I had expected (it arrived 11 days after I ordered it), and I mentioned that fact (kindly) in the feedback that I left for the seller.

To my surprise, shortly after I left the feedback, I received a convo from the seller, letting me know that she had received my feedback and was sorry that the shipping took so long.

I was impressed by that convo (so much, in fact, that I created this entire post about it) because that seller did not have to reply to the feedback at all. In fact, she could have totally ignored the feedback and gone on her merry way.

On the contrary, she took the time to contact me and apologized for the delay. Her small gesture of customer service went a long way, and I will most likely purchase from her again.

Here are three tips for dealing with negative feedback:

1. Don’t ignore the feedback.

Respond to it and explain the reasons for the problem, if possible.

2. Make it right, if possible.

Offer a discount on a future purchase, for example.

3. Use the experience as a learning moment for your business.

How about you? How do you deal with negative feedback?


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