How Clean is Your Etsy Shop Lint Trap?

LintTrap Lint. It’s a part of life.

If you do the laundry in your household, you are keenly aware of all of the gunk that can clog up your clothes dryer’s lint trap, right?

Where does all that lint come from, anyway? Fibers from clothes, hair, dirt — yuck.

What’s the best way to keep your lint trap clean, and what in the world does it have to do with your Etsy shop?

Just as your dryer has to work harder (using twenty to thirty percent more energy) when it has a dirty lint trap, your Etsy shop has to work harder when it has a “lint” build-up, too. Here are some examples of Etsy shop “lint”:
1. An out-of-date shop announcement (sale information, vacation details, etc.)
2. Dark, dingy product photos
3. Inconsistent marketing efforts

So how can we get rid of this Etsy “lint”?

1. Update your Etsy shop frequently
2. Constantly look for better ways to market your shop
3. “Deep clean” your Etsy shop every once in a while by closely examining every single product photo, product description, and tag. This process will be time-consuming, but you can tackle it in small steps (just a few items each day).

Now over to you. Can you think of other examples of Etsy shop “lint”?  Do tell.


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