Photograph Your Etsy Products at Similar Distances

Ever noticed that some online shops are filled with product photos that show similar items at dramatically different distances from the camera?

For example, one coin purse might be photographed at a close-up angle, but the next photo in the shop might be photographed from much farther away.

While it can be a good idea to capture various photo angles (some close-up) of your products, using various distances for the first photo slot is definitely distracting. After all, we’re looking for a cohesive look to our shops, right?

At least three things happen when the first photo of each item is shot at drastically different distances from the camera:
1. Customers begin to doubt the true size of the item.
2. Customers become distracted/overwhelmed by the appearance of the shop.
3. The shop can appear unorganized.

On the contrary, the House of Mouse Etsy shop does a wonderful job of keeping her mice at consistent distances from the camera:


One way that she does this is by using a lightbox to photograph her items. She talks about her photography process in this blog post.

Here are some more tips for maintaining a consistent distance from the camera to the item:
1. Attach your camera to a tripod.
2. Photograph all of your similar items (at least for one camera angle) at the same distance away.
3. In your photo editor, crop each photo so that it appears to be the same distance from the camera.

By no means am I discouraging you from using other creative angles (at different distances) for your other photo slots. Just work to keep the distance similar for the first photo (the one that customers will see in the gallery view). 

If you tackle these suggestions, share your progress with us, will you?


Top Photo: © Svetlana Kashkina |

  • The main photo of my items I always try to make the same size, in the photo, for similar items. Sometimes, when it passes a year, I don’t photograph them at the same distance as I did the previous year (I don’t have a tripod), and then I have to crop them so they get with the same size as the others!

  • Yes, the main photo (the one that appears in the gallery view) is the one that is important to keep at a similar distance. Then, you can experiment with fun camera angles for the other product photos.

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