Want Better Product Photos? Check the Background!

Do your products look fabulous in person, but you can’t seem to capture their true essence in your product photos?

For businesses that sell goods online, product photography is king. Product photos can make the difference between selling that gorgeous handmade item in your shop . . . or not selling it.

Of course, there are many tips for taking better product photos, but let’s discuss one particular aspect today: the background.

Ever done a “background check” on your product photos? Are the backgrounds filled with distracting elements that take the focus (no pun intended) off the actual items?

For example, look at this cute burp cloth for sale in an online shop.


The fabric is adorable, and I’m sure the burp cloth is a great product, but the wicker chair in the background is a bit distracting.

Now, I realize that not every product photograph requires a white/plain background. A bit of staging, props, etc. can sometimes be very effective.

Is this burp cloth item staged well? What does a wicker chair have to do with a baby burp cloth? Perhaps it would be better to stage this particular item with one of the following:

* a baby rattle
* a baby blanket
* a rocking chair
* a baby?

The possibilities are endless.

Here are two tips to remember:

Tip #1:  A multi-colored item often looks best on a simple background.
Remember that the background doesn’t have to be white; a solid color is often pretty too! Look for colors on the opposite side of the color wheel that might compliment your item.

Tip #2: If the item is simple in color and style, you could use a staged background.
Just be sure that the staging will enhance the item, not compete with it.

Now, here’s a homework assignment for you:
1) Perform a background check on each photo in your shop.
2) Re-shoot product photos if necessary.

You might see increased product views and/or sales as a result.  Good luck!


Top photo: © Melinda Nagy | Dreamstime.com

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