Should You Watermark Your Product Photos?

To watermark your product photos or not to watermark . . . that is the question. Are watermarks a good idea for your product photos?

Watermark Product Photos

First, let’s define the term watermark.

A watermark is any design or wording (usually faded) placed on top of a photograph or drawing. A watermark typically serves two purposes:

* to brand the photograph with the designer/photographer’s name
* to prevent the image from being “stolen” without proper credit given

The main problem with a watermark on your shop photos is that it can be a distraction to the customer. The customer might notice the watermark more than the product itself.

Let’s look at some examples of watermarks on this product photo from Sweet Pea Purses:

Example #1: Watermark on top of the product

Example #2: Watermark below the product (This watermark is slightly less intrusive than the first example)
Example #3: Small watermark in the bottom corner (more chance for image thievery)SweetPeaPursesWatermarkCorner

If you are considering using watermarks on your product photos, you should take note of the venue where your photo will be displayed. Do most of the other product photos on the site have watermarks? If not, your product will stand out simply because it is different. But is that kind of different good or bad?

Now, over to you. What are some reasons why you would or would not watermark your product photos?


  • A few months ago I started finding my products through the web, in blogs, pinterest, etc, without linking to me, nor refering to me. I didn’t like it at all! So I thought it would be better start using a watermark in my photos, but, I didn’t wanted an intrusive one, so now I use picnick, and I try to make the watermark very translucent but if someone finds it on someone else’s blog, site, etc, they can still read my name in there! Maybe this way people think twice before adding my items for sale on their “DIY” collections!

  • I agree that an opaque watermark is classy without being too intrusive. That’s a great way to use Picnik!

  • Hi. I just stumbled upon your site. I will have to explore it in more detail later. I’m considering adding watermarks to the photos in my gallery for my business. It’s too bad google may be shutting down picnik.

  • I, too, am sad about Picnik closing in April. I have been doing some research about other free, web-based photo editing options and hope to share them here soon!

  • Hey julie,
    There are good tools like Mass Watermark that can watermark your photos and directly put your images on flikr/picasa web-albums.I use it,take a look.
    Disclosure-I work for them,don’t consider this as spam,just wanted to inform

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