Capture Multiple Photo Angles of Your Handmade Products

Are you a small business owner who sells goods online?

If so, you are probably already aware that great product photography is one of the keys to your success.

How can you improve your product shots? Photograph multiple angles of your items.

For example, take a look at this plush little blanket from the Leyton Smiles Etsy shop. Shop owner Lisa has filled all five photo slots with beautiful color pop and variations. 


Because your customers cannot touch your items, you must provide them with as much detail as possible with your item description and your product photos.

Photo Angle #1:
For the first photo angle, it’s a great idea to show most of the item but leave a little bit to the imagination. Lisa did a great job of that by tilting the item and cropping off the bottom corner.

Also notice that Lisa used the same background for each of her pictures. A consistent background brings a cohesive look to your shop.

Photo Angle #2:
This photo angle shows a close-up view of a portion of the item that isn’t too visible in the first shot: the plastic ring. In fact, the plastic ring is the only portion of the photo that is in sharp focus, and this draws the eye to that area.

Photo Angle #3:
This angle shows the fabric on the back side of the item, but I also like how both fabrics are shown side-by-side.  This shows contrast and adds interest to the photo.

Photo Angle #4:
Once again, we see the contrasting fabrics together, but this time, Lisa has arranged the blanket in a creative manner, adding visual interest.

Photo Angle #5:
It’s a great idea to include a close-up shot of the item. This helps the customer see the texture and the stitching. The customer can also click on the image to see the fabric even closer.

Good luck maximizing your products’ exposure by taking multiple photo angles!


  • I usually take around ten photos of an item, catching the entire product in several ways, only the details, etc. Sometimes the hard part is to choose only 5 photos to Etsy!

  • I agree. Especially for handmade items. These varying angles help the buyer imagine the texture of the item, and showcase various product features. Happy I found your site.

  • Even though Etsy limits sellers to 5 product photos, you could post additional photo angles on your business blog — on the day/week of the product launch, perhaps. That’s a great way to build buzz about your products!

  • Texture is such a tricky thing to show in product photos. It takes lots of practice and experimentation to capture those details. Thanks for your comment – glad to have you here!

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