Do Your Products Arrive as Advertised?


Are your customers disappointed when they receive your products because the items don’t appear as advertised?

I had a very disappointing experience this weekend with a not-as-advertised product. My family and I drove to a nearby big city to do a bit of shopping. One of our last stops of the day was at a large national chain store to pick up a few items.

Before leaving the store, we stopped by the snack bar to grab a bite to eat. I decided on the cinnamon sugar pretzel for two reasons: 1) I love cinnamon sugar pretzels, and 2) the sample pretzel in the display case looked yummy.

Unfortunately, the pretzel that I received was less than yummy. Yes, it was hot. Yes, it had cinnamon and sugar on top, but underneath the cinnamon and sugar were pieces of salt. Yes . . . salt.

Instead of starting with a plain pretzel, the snack shop employee had taken a
salted pretzel, dipped it in butter, and poured cinnamon and sugar on top. Ewwwww . . .

So how can you be sure that your products arrive as advertised?

1. The item pictured in your shop should be the item that the customer receives, unless you have specified otherwise.
If the item for sale differs in any way from the product photo, clearly state this in the item description. Don’t send an item with a different fabric lining, a different trim, etc.
2. When possible, show the size of the item in your product photographs.
Customers don’t like to be surprised about the size of an item. Include some object for a point of reference (such as a model, a display bust, etc.) in at least one product photo. This will lead to fewer returns.

3. I
f your product photos include any items other than the ones for sale, be sure to mention this in the item description.
If you have other items in your shop like the item for sale and want to display them together as a set in a product photo, just be sure to mention what the customer will receive for his/her money. Customers might expect to receive all items in the set unless you specify otherwise.

Have you ever received an item that was not what you expected? How did you handle it?


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