Is It Easy for Customers to Find You Online?

Hansel-and-GretelRunning a small business is hard work. Wondering how you will ever find enough time to create your products and market them effectively?

One of the best ways to spread the word about your small business is to make yourself visible on some of the most commonly visited social media sites.

You may recall the story of Hansel and Gretel, in which two siblings left a trail of breadcrumbs in the forest to help them find their way home. Think of your efforts on these social media sites as leaving breadcrumbs . . . ways for your customers to find their way back to your shop.

Places to leave breadcrumbs:

1. A Blog
Start a blog about your business and post regularly. Some possible blog topics are:
* Projects you are working on
* Tutorials of your creative process
* Tips that you have learned as a small business owner

2. Facebook
If you haven’t created a Facebook fan page for your business, I encourage you to do so! You must first have a personal profile, but then you can create as many fan pages as you like. And by the way, this is free marketing for your shop!

3. Twitter
Once again, this is a free way to market your shop. Create a Twitter background that reflects the style/brand of your business, and then tweet to your heart’s content. Remember that the best tweets are helpful tweets: links to articles you’re reading, websites that inspire you, etc. Tweeting about what you ate for breakfast or tweeting only about your products will probably not benefit your small business.

4. Flickr
Depending on the type of business that you manage, Flickr might be a great way to connect with potential customers. 
* Upload pictures of your latest creations.
* Join groups that have similar interests.
* Post comments on others’ photos. Make connections!

Here’s another tip for leaving breadcrumbs for your customers to find:
Use the same (or similar) logo for each of your “breadcrumb sites” mentioned above. Your logo should be instantly recognizable by potential customers.

Now over to you. Have you tried leaving “breadcrumbs” at social media sites other than those mentioned above? Please share your experiences in the comments.


  • Hello again!!!

    The social site that appears to circulate my product images and information would be Pinterest. When googling my shops title, the first few pages are mostly filled with Pinterest Pins that may or may not be images of my products. Either way, it gets my site address circulating the web and I’m fine with that.
    Also, before publishing any photo online I always make sure that each photo is given a name, brief description using keywords, title of shop, and a link to my Shop &/ or blog! By doing this, my pictures are more likely to come up in google images. This is an extremely important process to my business since people are more likely to use google images when searching for a product or item online.ReplyCancel

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