Satisfied Customers Spread the Word About Your Products

Running your Etsy shop by yourself but wishing that you had some salespeople to sell your products for you?

If so, listen up! You can turn your customers into salespeople (and you won’t even have to pay them a salary)!

You probably already know that word-of-mouth advertising is some of the most effective exposure you’ll receive for your shop. Your customers will talk about your products:

* on their Facebook profiles
“Just received my new necklace from the XYZ Etsy shop! So excited to wear it!”

* on their Twitter updates
“I LOVE my new necklace from the XYZ Etsy shop!”

* on their blogs
“Check out a new Etsy shop that I found. I love the jewelry there!”

* in person
“Wow! I love your necklace! Where did you get it?”
“Isn’t it pretty? I ordered it from the XYZ Etsy shop. You really should visit that shop too!”

And what’s awesome about these salespeople is that you won’t even have to ask them to sell your products for you. They will just do it automatically IF the following statements are true:

1. if you produce a great product
2. if you communicated well during the buying process
3. if the item arrived quickly and safely

Now over to you. Have you ever had a customer bring you other customers because of a positive buying experience?


Top Photo: © Robisklp |

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