Shipping Updates Ease a Customer’s Mind


Did you know that customers who purchase handmade goods from your small business are sometimes nervous about buying online? Perhaps they don’t order online very often, or maybe they’ve had a bad customer service experience with buying online. For this reason, any effort on your part to make them comfortable will be much appreciated.

One way to keep the customer comfortable is to communicate a few times between the time the customer clicks “Buy” and the time the package reaches the hands of the customer.

Here are some appropriate times to send your Etsy (or other online venue) customers a status report:

1. Immediately after the sale
Thank the customer for ordering and let him/her know what day you anticipate shipping the item.

2. After the item ships
Send a quick convo/email after the item ships to let the customer know. Of course, you can’t control exactly when the item will arrive on the customer’s doorstep, but just knowing that the item has shipped will ease the customer’s mind (particularly if the item is expensive or valuable).

3. After the item should have arrived
Follow-up, follow-up, follow-up! Let the customer know that you actually care how he/she likes the item. Ask for feedback if the customer hasn’t already given it.

Bottom line: An informed customer is a happier customer. :)


  • When I have a sale, I contact the buyer to thank for the purchase, and after I make the shipment, I also contact to let her/him know that the item it’s on the way. I also used to ask, in this last e-mail, if they didn’t mind to let me know when it arrived and if they liked… I think that only happened twice and because it was taking to long to arrive, and I had to go to the post office, and let them know why it was taking so long. In these two, they e-mailed me when they received it. All the other sales they just don’t respond me, and few leave me feadback :(
    Now I started to send everything with a tracking number, and I can know when they receive! Much better!

  • Thank goodness for tracking numbers! They really do save the day! :)

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