The Power of Nice: A Great Read for Business Owners

Any business owner could learn a thing or two from the book The Power of Nice by Linda Kaplan Thaler and Robin Koval.   

Packed with great reminders and examples of how being nice pays off (literally!), this book is an easy, enjoyable read.  I would highly recommend it to any business owner.

As I’ve read through the book, a few applications for handmade sellers have come to mind:

1. Be nice in your email/convo communication
Because the majority of Etsy sellers’ communication takes place via email, the wording of your emails can make or break your customers’ impressions of you (and your business). Here are some ideas for keeping your emails nice:
* be friendly
* be helpful
* be complimentary


2. Be nice in your shop wording
Yes, your Etsy shop wording should be professional, but it can be friendly at the same time! Here are two places where your niceness will be evident:
* your shop announcement
* your profile/bio page

3. Be nice in your blog, forum, Twitter, and Facebook posts
Don’t be critical, sarcastic, or “snippy” with your posts. Keep them upbeat, positive, and helpful. Remember that people who read your posts can’t see your body language or hear the tone of your voice. You might type something in jest, but the tone of your post might leave readers with a negative impression of you and your business. 

Bottom line: Be nice. It’s just the right thing to do.


P.S. I am not an affiliate for this book. I checked it out at my local public library.

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