Tips for Submitting Your Handmade Items to Bloggers

Looking for more exposure for your Etsy shop items? Want a blogger to feature your Etsy shop? Here are some tips for you!

1. Research, Research, Research!
* What type of items does the blogger feature?
* Do your items fit this blog’s genre?
* What is the best way to contact the blogger?
Tip: Search the blogger’s site to find an email address or contact form. Some bloggers have a separate email address just for submissions.
* What is the blogger’s first name?
Tip: Search through the blog’s archives, about page, etc. to find the blogger’s first name. You’ll be surprised at the great first impression that using the blogger’s name in your email will provide.

2. Contact With Confidence
* Be friendly
* Be concise (short and to the point)
* Be complimentary of the blog you are submitting to
* Don’t be nervous . . . just do it!

3. Link, Link, Baby!
* Provide a link to your shop’s home page (or include a link in your email signature)
* Provide a link to the listing you would like featured (make sure your product photos are excellent)
* Provide a link to your shop’s profile page or the About Page of your blog  Allow the blogger to learn more about you, the artist. Bloggers usually include a brief bio about sellers that they feature.
* Provide a link to your blog if you have one

A Few Final Tips:
Avoid sending mass submission emails to several bloggers at once (or at least send different item links to each blogger). Bloggers like to have unique content on their blogs, and if more than one blogger decides to mention the same item, that uniqueness will disappear.

Space out your submission emails. Set a goal of submitting one item per day, per week, etc. You’ll need to stay organized, however. All of those submission emails can get confusing!

Remember that some bloggers (especially popular ones) receive many submissions each week, and they may not be able to mention your item right away. Don’t get discouraged . . . just keep submitting.

How about you? Have you ever submitted your handmade products to a blogger? What results did you get?


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