Use a Profile Picture to Connect with Your Customers

LotsofJuliesI admit it. I hate having my picture taken.

Every time I pose for a headshot, I feel cheesy, fake, and unnatural. So is it really necessary to have an image to accompany my brand?


Whether your image is a cartoon version of you, a quick snapshot of yourself, or a professionally photographed headshot, your small business needs to have a “face.” 

Try this experiment . . . browse through the blogs that you frequently visit and take note of those blogs that include an image of the blogger. Go ahead . . . I’ll wait.

Well?? How did the experiment go? Did you notice that many of your favorite blogs include a photo of the blogger somewhere on the website? 

Why is including a photo of yourself throughout your brand important for your small business?

1.Your photo assures customers that you are an actual person.  
Especially if you sell handmade items, customers love knowing that an actual person created the items in your shop.

2.A personal photo makes customers, Facebook fans, and blog visitors more comfortable.
A genuine smile, even a rehearsed one, puts people at ease and allows them to connect with you, even if it’s only a mental connection.

3.A face is much more recognizable than a business name.  
Brand recognition is very important, and what better way to be memorable than to include your image wherever your business is mentioned? 

So where should you display a picture of yourself? Here are some suggestions (with examples):

* on your blog (home page, About page, etc.) — Social Mouths
* on your personal Facebook profile
* on your Twitter profile — Lisa Whelchel (yes, that’s Blair from Facts of Life!)
* perhaps on your Twitter background — Darren Rowse (ProBlogger)

By the way, I’d suggest using the same image of yourself in each of these places. This builds a consistent brand. 

Do you use a picture of yourself to brand your business? What other places would you recommend using your picture? Please share in the comments.


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