Can Product Giveaways Bring You More Customers?

“A Gift” from Shannon Blue Photography

Is it truly “more blessed to give than to receive,” even in the business world? Can giving products away actually help you bring in more profits?

We’ve all seen the recent giveaway trend, especially on blogs: Offer a free item from your store to one lucky winner and pray that many people will enter so that you can get exposure for your shop. Surely all that exposure will drive in more business, right? Or will it?

If you’ve read my posts here and here about hosting a giveaway but still aren’t sure whether it’s worth the effort and money involved, you might just want to read my story:

CarribeanPineappleMixedBag While at a convention for my day-job recently, one of the exhibitors at the event needed some assistance at his booth. I was glad to help, and as I walked away, he said, “Would you please accept one of my products as my way of saying thanks for your help?”

Of course, I heartily answered “Yes!” because I had been admiring the items in this particular booth throughout the event.

Excited and pleased with my recent gift, I proceeded to carried it with me for the rest of the event. Several people saw my new bag and asked me where I got it. I gladly told them about the nice man and his great booth. I’ll bet he received a few more orders that day, just because he gave away one of his products! Was the exchange worth it for him? I’d say so.

So, have you ever sponsored a product giveaway? Did you reap any benefits? Or have you found product giveaways to be a waste of time and money? Do tell.


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  • I have not found giveaways on blogs helpful, just gave out a ton of free stuff with no sales to show for the effort. My giveaways in the future will be very few and highly selective. It is important to measure results from your marketing efforts so you can ditch the doodads and put more into what is bringing in results. Finally doing that.

  • Yes, I tried a giveaway at a recent craft show that I participated in and it was a flop. Only three people entered it, one was a customer that purchased two pricey items; one purchased earrings from a set with a deal; and, one customer just entered the contest.

    Don’t know if I will try again.ReplyCancel

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