Tips for Developing a Line of Products from an Original Handmade Design

Have you ever considered the fact that one product in your online shop could be developed into an entire line of products?

I found an adorable Etsy shop that has done this very thing . . . with great success.

Etsy seller Tasha Noel of A Little Sweetness has used her artistic talents to fill her shop with products based on an original design. Here is her design:

Aren’t those just about the cutest little dresses you’ve ever seen?

And here is one product that Tasha developed from her original design:
dress illustration fabric printed by Spoonflower.

Here’s another fun product: embroidery patterns of some of the dresses in Tasha’s illustrations.

And perhaps one of my favorite items in this shop: these adorable notecards.

So, what business lessons can we learn from Tasha’s great Etsy shop?

1. Look for ways to develop product lines, based on best-selling items in your shop.

For example, if you sell crocheted hats, and one particular hat/color/style is a best-seller, you might consider selling matching scarves, mittens, etc. to create sets that customers can buy.

2. Listen to customers who buy your items.

Sometimes your customers will provide the inspiration that you need to develop a new line of products! For example, if you have a Facebook fan page or Twitter account for your business, your customers might post a comment like this: “I love your illustrations! Have you ever thought about creating notecards from them?” Use that feedback to get new ideas for your shop!

3. Don’t be afraid to branch out into different types of products along the same theme.

For example, Tasha originally created her favorite dresses as an illustration, but then she turned that illustration into stationery, embroidery, and fabric products. Sometimes a shop that carries a wide variety of items can look a bit unorganized or “messy,” but because Tasha’s items follow the same color scheme and theme, the shop looks warm and inviting. I love it!
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

How about you? Have you ever tried developing a new line of products based on a best-selling item in your shop? Do tell.


  • interesting thoughts. her shop is great. i have been playing with the thought of narrowing my shop down to one type of jewelry. maybe i should think of ways to broaden it instead.

  • There are definitely pros and cons to broadening, Amber. As long as the look of the shop stays cohesive, I think sometimes a broad line of products can be a good thing.

  • Keep me in the loop on this, Christina.

  • Hi Julie!
    Wow! What a wonderful post! I love it. :) That was very sweet of you….Thank you.

  • You’re welcome, Tasha. I had lots of fun featuring your great shop!

  • Interesting post Julie!
    Makes me think.

    I do pottery and ceramic (mainly). And I have a wide range of products. I had chosen nature’s theme, fish, birds, flowers, leaves. But now I feel I am not really following a theme!

    Can you have a look at my products at the link below and give some input? I would appreciate it.

    • Elham, in my opinion, customers like to see shops that specialize in a particular theme of product. They trust that if you carry just that line of products, you’ll focus your efforts on making those products the best they can be — rather than just “dabbling” in all sorts of different items.

      On the other hand, if a seller can tie different types of products together with a similar design (like in the example of this post), I think that appeals to customers as well.

      Just my two cents. Thanks again for stopping by!ReplyCancel

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