Have Fun with Your Product Photography

Want to catch your customer’s eye while having fun with your product photography?

Lorelei Eurto Necklace

While browsing through the Facebook status updates of my friends recently, I saw a product photograph that I couldn’t help but notice. I instantly thought that the concept deserved a post here. You’re going to love this idea!

Lorelei Eurto NecklaceFirst, I’ll have you know that Lorelei creates some of the most beautiful, unique jewelry I’ve seen. Every time she posts a new product picture on her Facebook status, it’s love at first sight. No wonder she has over 3,000 sales in her Etsy shop!

This time, it wasn’t the product itself that caught my eye: it was the fun way that Lorelei interacted with the product by picking it up and looking through the opening in the pendant. This unexpected human touch made me sit up and take notice!

This fun approach accomplishes several things:

  • Humanizes the sellers
  • Gives the customer an idea of the size of the item
  • Reminds customers that handmade sellers actually enjoy creating their products
  • Reminds customers that your products were created by a real, live person, not mass-produced in a factory

Depending on the formality of your online shop, you may or may not want to include a personal product photo with your other shots. Even if you don’t include the “fun” photograph in your online shop, you could display your photo in at least two other venues:

1. Facebook
Capture the interest of your friends, and they’ll probably click through to your online shop!

2. Blog
Since blogs, by nature, are a bit more personal, fun product photos are perfect for this venue!

3. Twitter
Twitter followers love to see in-progress and behind-the-scenes product photos!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Now over to you. Is a fun approach to product photography feasible for your products? Have you ever tried interacting with your products for some photos? What was the result?

Looking forward to hearing your ideas for having fun with your product photography!

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