Your Product Packaging Can Sell More Products

Product Packaging Tips

Did you know that product packaging can be a small business owner’s secret weapon?

Handmade sellers are known for creative packaging, whether it be recycled materials or packaging the product like a gift. Why not package your products so that customers will want to purchase from your shop again?

While browsing Flickr for polka dots this weekend, I came across the gorgeous photographs in Lockette’s photo stream. Priscilla packages her products in simple brown paper bags and then embellishes the packages with red and white baker’s twine and one of her fabric postcards.

Product Packaging
This packaging is so effective because:

It is attractive.

Of course, polka dots are always fun (and eye-catching). The baker’s twine wrapped around the package gives it a creative, artsy look too.

It is simple.

Customers are more interested in the product than the packaging, but adding a creative touch never hurts. Just keep things simple and don’t waste money on excessive packaging that will probably be thrown in the trash anyway.

Product Packaging

It promotes one of the products in the seller’s shop.

Priscilla’s use of one of her fabric postcards as a thank-you note is brilliant! Not only does the postcard thank the customer, but it also shows the customer an example of that particular product in the seller’s shop. Priscilla sells items other than the fabric postcards, and if the customer ordered a different item, he/she might order the fabric postcards next time!
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Of course, this type of packaging-advertising is easy for a shop that sells paper products, but how about your handmade shop? Could you use this concept to promote your products too?

Julie Signature

  • My items are shipped with a label, with my name and, in some cases, with the handling instructions. The jewelry, I send in a fabric bag with my name, or in a corrugated cardboard box, that I make, depending on how fragil the jewelry is. I also send it with my visit card, with a thanking note on the backside, starting with the name of the buyer, and end it with my signature! It gives a personal touch, and I received a feedback thanking that message!

  • It sounds like you have a great process for your product packaging! A personal touch (especially for handmade products) is a great idea!

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