Sell More Products with Fabulous Product Descriptions

You might have noticed that I've featured a few polka dotted fashions lately, and one of the websites that I've been stalking is ModCloth, an "online clothing, accessories, and decor retailer that aims to provide a fun and engaging shopping atmosphere."

And it isn't just the pretty fashion designs on the site that I've noticed . . . I've been impressed with the site's product descriptions, too.

Before we look at an actual ModCloth product description, let's discuss some of the factors that make a product description great:

1. A good product description tells customers how the product will make them look.
Of course, customers come in different shapes and sizes, but use descriptive adjectives in your descriptions that will help the customer envision him/herself in your product.

2. A good product description tells customers how the product will make them feel.
We've all purchased items in hopes that they will make us feel better . . . more confident, more organized, more successful.

3. A good product description tells customers what additional items would complement the product.
This is called upselling, and it is an important part of making the customer feel like he/she could actually pull your product off, if he/she were to buy it. Especially if you sell products that a customer would wear, offer some styling suggestions. Check out the purple wording in the description below the image to see a great example of this tactic.


For example, here is the product description for the lovely polka dotted dress at the top of this post (notice that I colored some of the words/phrases that fit the points above):

"An idyllic frock depends upon a few important factors – a flattering, comfortable fit, a savvy silhouette that makes you feel confident, and a panache-infused print that guarantees your endless happiness. This lightweight cotton sleeveless frock embraces all that is sacred to a trendsetting fashionista! With its wide shoulder straps, V-neck, princess pleats down the bodice, and discreet side zip, this vivacious garment teems with sophisticated style. The youthful lines and polka dot print, in black and sandy brown, boldly burst against a stark white background. Accessorize this pretty dress with golden accessories, cute peep toes, oversized sunnies, and a woven straw clutch for a retro-inspired look that’s undeniably special."

Please note that a product description doesn't have to be lengthy to accomplish all 3 of the points above. Just a few vivid adjectives here and there can make a huge difference in convincing the customer to buy.

**Let me hasten to say that in no way am I condoning writing product descriptions that are all "fluff" and no substance. If your products don't live up to your product descriptions, you'll be faced with lots of returns.

So, how do your product descriptions stack up to these three criteria? Are you already doing a good job, or is there room for improvement?


P.S. You can find the polka dotted dress on ModCloth here.

  • I’m really happy about this little entry! I’ve been wondering how to sell things online. I recently opened up an online shop as well: and it’s not too slow and not too busy. which is a good thing {: Anyway, if only i can write like how the writer wrote descriptions like those above… i WILL try though.

  • Your website is darling, Abby! Best of luck writing fabulous product descriptions!

  • I make my descriptions like these you describe :)
    I start by telling how the buyer will feel with it, then I describe the item, inform the sizes, colors, materials, etc., and then I write another phrase so they “wont miss the chance to have my unique handmade item!” :)
    Unfortunately, with more then 150 items in my shops, I tend to repeat those appealing phrases!

  • It’s fine to use similar phrases in your product descriptions. Because customers might stumble upon one of your listings without seeing your entire shop, each of those listings (the descriptions) must be powerful in and of themselves.

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