Tips for Attracting More Customers to Your Brand

image from Daeveb
Want to attract more customers to your business brand? Take a lesson from the bumblebee.

Our family loves to visit our local home improvement store. My husband drools over browses through the tools, and I could spend hours in the outdoor garden section. And I literally mean hours. I’m addicted.

Happy, happy, joy, joy — we made another trek to this store a few days ago, and you guessed it, I ended up in the garden section again. This time, I was shopping for a butterfly bush to plant in my backyard.

It wasn’t butterflies that caught my attention on this visit, though. It was the bees. Bumblebees to be exact.

I made my way to the plants that, according to the signs, attract butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds.  The plants were extremely colorful and in full bloom. Butterfly and bee heaven, I suppose.

One particular group of plants caught my attention, though. Bees buzzed around every single potted plant in this section. Strangely enough, though, the plants on either side of this section didn’t have any bees around them. They were just as pretty, but they weren’t as attractive to the bees.

What made this particular type of plant so attractive to the bees. And can this lesson apply to small business owners? Of course!

1. Other bees were there.
Bees hang out where other bees are. This phenomenon is known as social proof. If visitors to your online shop, blog, Facebook fan page, or Twitter account see lots of other people “buzzing around,” they’ll stick around to see what the fuss is all about. 

The more often visitors comment on your blog posts, Tweets, etc., others will chime in and add their two cents worth.

Of course, as the business owner, you need to be present where the bees customers are as well. Encourage their feedback, ask them for comments, and develop a brand that customers feel comfortable interacting with.

2. The plants were visually attractive.
I just happened to visit the store when the flowers were in full bloom. Every plant was covered in blossoms, and the beautiful purple was vivid against the green leaves. Hard for a bee to resist! 

How about your small business brand? Is it in full bloom?
* Are your products, backgrounds, etc. brightly colored?
* Are your shop graphics bright and attractive?
* Does your shop look fresh and up-to-date?
* Does your shop appear organized?

image from Penny Masquerade
3. The plants were healthy.
The soil was moist, the leaves were full and green, and the blooms were large. A healthy plant has prettier blooms and gives off a stronger scent. Pretty, fragrant blooms make bees happy.

So how can you be sure that your small business brand is healthy?
* Is your blog up to date?
* Is your online shop announcement current?
* Do your item descriptions include the most important, pertinent information about your products?
* Do you post on Facebook and Twitter on a regular basis?

Here’s your call to action:

1. Take a close, hard look at every “arm” of your business brand: your online shop, your blog, your Facebook fan page, your Twitter account. Is each one up-to-date, organized, and attractive? Spend some time each day for the next week or so to improve one aspect at a time.

2. Are you drawing bees customers by visiting venues (forums, crafty blogs, etc.) that they frequent? Spend some time “buzzing” around there yourself, and you’ll soon attract bees customers to visit your shop as well!

Good luck!


  • I need to get that calendar started like yesterday. Whew! Lots to do.


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