Tips for Making Your Small Business Memorable

Want to make your online shop stand out from the crowd? Be memorable.

What is the first thing that people say about you and your brand? “Oh, that’s the shop that ______,” or “She’s the one who sells ______.” Or do you just fade into the background with the gazillion other online shops selling jewelry or purses or baby bibs or whatever?

Why not set a goal to become so memorable that after one visit to your shop, your customers talk about it for days to come. Was it the product photography, the one-of-a-kind products, or the fun conversational style of the shop wording? What made your customers sit up and take notice?

Think about your target audience and then consider what would be memorable to them. Here are some ideas:

Product photography:
How can you photograph your products to make them more memorable than the other countless pages of listings on your online venue? Do you have any creative staging ideas? A signature photo style?

What can you do to create a WOW factor when your customers receive your products? How about the box that you use for shipping? Perhaps you could use some creative packing tape on the outside like this dotty version from Retro NaNa. Remember that the delivery person could be a potential customer. Brainstorm some creative ways to decorate the outside of your packaging too!

Now, about the inside: What items can you include in your shipments that will make you memorable? Perhaps a sample product or a hard-to-miss, colorful business card.

Customer Follow-Up:
What about your follow-up? Do you check in with customers to see if your products arrived safely? If you made your products by hand, they probably feel like your “children” in a way, and wouldn’t you want to make sure that your children arrived safely? :)

Shop Branding:
What about your logo, graphics, and branding? Are your graphics memorable, well-designed, and appropriate to the feel of your shop? Do you consistently use a pattern or color scheme that is distinctively “you”?

Your “Voice” or Writing Style:
How about a humorous or creative writing style? Do you use it everywhere you speak about your products: shop announcement, item descriptions, blog?

Make it your goal that customers say about you: “Oh, he/she is the seller who…”
— has a great blog
— creates great video tutorials
— has that neat newsletter
— leaves helpful comments on blogs
— what other ideas do you have?

Now over to you. What are some ways that you make your online shop memorable? Do you include something interesting with your product shipments or maintain a great blog? Feel free to share in the comments.


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