6 Reasons Why Every Handmade Biz Owner Should Check Out Craftgawker

Looking for crafty inspiration? Look no further than Craftgawker, a website filled with fabulous product photos and ideas!

Handmade Business Craftgawker Inspiration

While doing some research for a guest post that I wrote earlier this week, I stumbled across Craftgawker . . . again. I must admit that I’ve seen the site before and had one of those “I-must-check-out-this-site-again-when-I-have-more-time” moments. So much eye candy there!

This time, though, I actually spent some time on the site, and WOW — every handmade biz owner needs to check it out!

Here are some ways that Craftgawker can inspire handmade business owners:

Support the craft/handmade community

Many of the images on Craftgawker are crafty, DIY, or handmade. The more views and attention handmade crafters receive, the more the movement will thrive and prosper.

Get inspired to create

You can’t help but be inspired by all of the crafty goodness on Craftgawker. Make sure that you don’t copy the designs and then try to sell them yourself, though.

Share your creative process

You need to know up front that Craftgawker no longer accepts submissions that link directly to your handmade shop. Instead, you can submit links to your business blog, where you can show photographs of your finished products, along with your creative process along the way.

Craftgawker prefers submissions that link to tutorials or at least the inspiration behind an item.

(By the way, if you aren’t using your business blog to share your creative process, you should! Customers love connecting with handmade sellers via their blogs.)

Bring attention to your products

Submitting photos, tutorials, etc. of your handmade products puts your products in front of many people, especially bloggers (like me) that continually look for new products and ideas to feature.

Find new blogs to inspire you

Almost all of the items on Craftgawker are submitted from blogs, and spending just a few minutes of time on the site will introduce you to some amazing new blogs that you may not have seen before. If you stumble upon a few blogs that strike your fancy, add them to your RSS feed reader and begin following them.

See examples of fabulous product photography

This is actually my favorite reason of the 6: I’ve saved the best for last! :)

Because every submission to the site is approved by a Craftgawker representative, only the best photos are selected. This provides drool-worthy photos throughout the site — the best of the best, if you will.

According to the Craftgawker FAQ’s, the site has the following criteria for photos:

* the photo must be art- or craft-related
* the photo must have good presentation and composition
* the photo must have good lighting, exposure, and color balance
* the photo must be sharp, even after the image is reduced in size

As they say, “we try to select the highest quality images to appear on the site, otherwise no one would gawk at the pictures.” Well said, Craftgawker. :)

I’ve created this short video about how I use Craftgawker. Check it out — you might just get some ideas that you can use in your own business!


  • Julie, thanks so much for your wonderful post! We’re so glad that you enjoy the site and find it inspirational!

  • How nice of you to comment, Maria! I’m looking forward to getting to know Craftgawker more! :)

  • i am still at the “i must find more time for this sight” stage, but i will get there……….thanks for the tips.

  • Oh, for just a few more hours in the day, right? :)

  • Hi,
    Only recently I started using Craftgawker and already influenced the number of visits to my blog.
    if people don’t start spamming, it can be a good resource for inspiration, and development of new skills and ideas.

  • Can you sell on craftgawker? It seems I cannot find the answer anywhere.


    • Hi, Faye. Thanks for your question. Craftgawker is not a place to sell products but rather a site for showcasing crafty, DIY, or handmade product photos. If you sell handmade products, you can submit a photo to Craftgawker, but that image cannot link to an online shop (like Etsy, for example). It can, however, link to your blog where you might have posted images of your handmade products. I hope this helps!ReplyCancel

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