Colorful Bird Art (and some of the loveliest artwork staging I’ve seen!)

After posting about Craftgawker recently, I've been inspired to spend a few minutes browsing through the photos there. And my browsing paid off today with a wonderful handmade find!

So vividly colorful, these bird illustrations from the Artocrat (PragyaK) Etsy shop would make a wonderful addition to any home or office space. I particularly like the 3-D effect of the bunting hanging from the bird's beak — isn't that fabulous??

Here's a closer look:

Not only do I love the illustrations in this shop, but I am also so impressed by the creative staging that Pragya uses in her product photos. For example, notice the clips, beads, and pins that she used to display the artwork at the top of this post: so creative and artsy! Love that!

Perhaps my favorite staging effect comes in this next photo:

Now that's creative staging!

Have you ever tried staging any of your products in a fun, outside-the-box way? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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