Easter Table Polka Dots


Of course, no holiday celebration goes unnoticed by the fabulous Martha Stewart! Leave it to her (and her wonderful editors and assistants) to find some cute polka dotted items for Easter!

Take a look at these beautiful polka dotted tabletop decorations. Learn how to make these lovely, simple decorations here: Daffodil Candy Cups


Nothing says "Welcome to a party!" like balloons, and these polka dotted balloons are sure to make people smile. Add small round stickers to plain-colored balloons, and you've got instant polka dots!

What a fun way to welcome folks to your Easter celebration!

These would be fun for a springtime birthday party, too! Tie the balloons to a string and hang them wherever suits your fancy!


I absolutely LOVE this idea of creating tablecloth weights out of Easter eggs! If you've ever hosted an outdoor party on a spring day, you've probably dealt with a fly-away tablecloth, right?

Simply fill a plastic egg with jelly beans, pebbles, pennies, etc. and hot glue some pretty ribbon to the egg. Punch a small hole (and perhaps reinforce the hole) in the tablecloth and tie on the ribbon attached to the egg. SO CUTE and practical! :)

Find Martha's other Last-Minute Easter Decoration Ideas here.

Are you having an Easter party at your house this year?


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