Use Video Marketing to Bring Pizzazz to your Product Descriptions – Part 2

So, after Monday's post, I hope your mind has been thinking about incorporating video into your marketing strategy. But I'm guessing that you have some hesitations about video marketing, right?

Let's see . . .
* Perhaps you don't have fancy video equipment (or any video equipment, for that matter).
* Perhaps you are camera shy.
* Perhaps you aren't sure where to post a marketing video for maximum exposure. 

Today I'm going to show you a simple, quick, FREE way to create a short video to promote your products . . . all without getting in front of a camera! :)

Introducing ANIMOTO.

In a nutshell, Animoto allows you to upload photos, set them to music, and produce a short video that you can use in your handmade marketing.

Here is an example that I created in just a few minutes:

Of course, I'm sure you noticed that the Animoto logo remains in the upper corner of the video (and then appears at the end), but Animoto has a paid version that will allow your video to be unbranded. I don't mind the Animoto logo, so the free version is okay with me, at least for now. :)

In fact, I'd suggest playing with the free version before considering the paid versions.

Now, let's list the nitty gritty of how an Animoto video can promote your handmade products. Here are some suggestions:

First, you'll need to decide if you want to create a video for every single product you sell, or if you want to make a video for each category of products in your shop. The free version of Animoto allows users to create as many videos as you wish.

Tips for Creating an Animoto Video for Your Product(s):

1. You'll need approximately 8-10 product photos (preferably on a consistent background) to fill the 30 seconds of time that you are allotted per free video. The more photos you include, the less amount of time each photo will appear on the screen. Be sure to use multiple photo angles of the product and some simple staging to show the approximate size of the product. 

2. You'll need a graphic that represents your handmade biz. This could be:
* a screenshot of your shop
* the banner/header that appears at the top of your shop
* your shop logo

3. You'll need an elevator pitch for your business (and perhaps one for the product itself).

4. Here is a suggested order:
As you can see in the screenshot above, you can insert the elevator pitch or product title first (those T's are text slides), then your shop logo, and then the product photos. I'd suggest ending the video with the name of your shop and the URL of your site. You can click and drag the images until you have them in the order that you like best.

5. Select a music track (or upload one of your own) that fits the style of your products best. For example, if you sell fun, quirky products, you could use a music track that is upbeat. If you sell elegant jewelry, you could use a classical music track.

6. Finalize the video (it takes a few minutes to process), and then upload/embed it wherever you think it will most effectively market your product(s). I would definitely include the link in your product descriptions, although the link won't be clickable in an Etsy listing. You could include wording like this in your product description: "Click here to view a short video of this product." (include link) 

Okay, I'm eager to hear your thoughts about this marketing option. If you decide to experiment with Animoto and want to share your video in the comments below, I'd be thrilled! :)

Have fun experimenting!


  • this looks fun. i will definitely be trying it.

  • Let me know how it goes. Better yet, show me what you come up with. :)

  • I need a critique! Here is my first attempt. Do you think it is too long?
    I discovered animoto last week. I tried the 30 second free version, but decided to go with the $5. a month. Since I was using their music for a business video with my web address in it, I was told I needed to purchase the product. (copyright issue).
    I want to do a separate video for two more parades that I have for sale in my shop.

  • HURRAH! I’m so glad to see your example, Rhonda! :) That piece of music seems perfectly suited for your products: classy and upbeat.
    I would suggest adding a bit more text to the video. Especially a brief description of exactly WHAT your products are. Because I am unfamiliar with your shop, I’m not sure how big the items are. I’m also not sure what I would do with them. Are they meant to be put in frames or on cards or somewhere else?
    Of course, your Etsy shop announcement very clearly states exactly what your products are, but the video isn’t as clear. Do you have a short elevator pitch (see the link in the post above) that you could include near the beginning of the video to explain what your products are?
    Congrats on taking this concept and putting it to work! I’m so proud of you! :)

  • Just wondering about music copywright issues when adding music and then redistributing.

  • This is a great question, Cinti! Thanks for asking it! The soundtracks that are available on the Animoto site have already been approved for use, and no further acknowledgement is necessary. As a matter of fact, at the end of any free Animoto video, you’ll notice the name of the track that was used. That is Animoto’s way of crediting the artist.
    Concerning other videos that a handmade artist would make (and post on sites like YouTube, for example), we definitely have to be sure to purchase the rights to any sound tracks that we use (or use music that is in the creative commons). We wouldn’t want to tarnish the reputation of our products by using music that is copyrighted.
    Here is an interesting link that I found about Creative Commons music:

  • Thanks, That clears up my greatest concern. I have always wanted to use video. I’ll post a link if i creat something fun

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