Use Video Marketing to Bring Pizzazz to your Product Descriptions – Part 1

And . . . ACTION! Have you ever used video marketing to add some oomph! to your product descriptions?

I saw a wonderful example of this technique on a website a few days ago, and I think you're really going to love it!

While I was browsing through the beautiful jewelry at, two little words caught my attention:

"View Video"

I couldn't resist clicking on the video of the shiny bracelet, and even though the video was quite short, my interest level in that particular product shot up. I don't see this technique of product videos very often (and I've never seen it used for handmade products), so there was a definite wow factor when I saw that video!

My next thought was, "I wonder how much those videos cost to produce?" When I clicked on the link to the company that created the videos, I found prices that are definitely outside my budget (the least-expensive price tier is $149 per month).

Despite that pricey cost, I started thinking about the concept of creating videos for products . . . even handmade products. I wondered if there might be a much less expensive way to create videos to help sell products . . . . like free, perhaps?

I remembered a website called Animoto that I have experimented with a few times but never really put into practice. Hmmm . . . I wonder if Animoto might be an option that handmade sellers could use to promote their products? 

Since this post is just Part 1 of this series, I'll just whet your appetite by encouraging you to head over to the Animoto website and browse around. By the way, did you notice that Animoto has a FREE version? Yes, the free videos are limited to 30-seconds, but that time period might be all you need to add some pizzazz to your product descriptions!

Part 2 (with an example) tomorrow, friends!

Top Photo: © Rewat Wannasuk|

  • Hi Julie! I’ve been following the company on Facebook for awhile just to watch their product videos. They sell novelty type products and I find their videos so funny. They have an SNL type skit vibe to them. They do a great job of being informative and being entertaining. It’s kind of subliminal advertising in a way. I think the owners of the company do video production type things on the side so they have an upper hand on the great quality of their videos. Most all their products have about a minute or so clip with them (ie: and they have made a few all out music type 3-4 minute videos (ie: Just wanted to share them w/ you incase you haven’t seen them. I think this company is right on target with how they market themselves to the younger online generation. Maybe someday I can have the courage to get in front of a video camera without running away from it! Anytime I see a video camera I run the opposite way! haha

  • interesting. can’t wait to hear more. like where would we use said video? blog? facebook? i’m hooked. tell me more. :)

  • THANK YOU for such a timely post! I have known for some time now that I need some sort of video to demonstrate my product. I just haven’t known what or how to do it. THANK YOU again for pointing me in the right direction!

  • AMY!! Thanks so much for posting those links! I’ve never seen Vat19 before, but their marketing videos are fabulous!!
    And how about that pie/cake server on their site! I think I need one of those! :)

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