The Tooth Fairy Loves Handmade!

Looking for a fun way to help your child celebrate losing a tooth? One of the cute polka dotted Tooth Fairy pillows in the Sweet RinaLou Etsy shop is just what you need!

My six-year-old Mason lost his first two teeth last month while we were on vacation, and unfortunately, I didn't have a pillow this cute to use! Bummer! A couple of his top teeth are a little loose now, though, so perhaps I still have time to make a purchase from this fun shop! :)

Here's another less-frilly design that I love — I think this one is perfect for a little boy:

Check out the Sweet RinaLou Etsy shop for other lovely pillows — I love this red and white polka dotted lumbar pillow too!

And for those who are interested, you can see pictures of Mason's toothless smile here.

Have you ever used a Tooth Fairy pillow to help your kids celebrate the accomplishment of losing teeth?


  • if i had a baby i would get this for them! this is too cute.
    -robots in trouble

  • Oh, how lovely! A polka dot design is really timeless. No matter what year or age, polka dots will never go out of trend. Just look at how cute these pillows are! And because the Tooth Fairy is timeless too, she will definitely love either one of these. =)

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