How to Create a Landing Page for your Pinterest Profile

* Update: Pinterest now allows users to verify a website. I recommend this step, because it allows users to track analytics (i.e., you will be able to see who pinned or re-pinned content from your site). See this post for a nice explanation. Note that you cannot verify your Etsy shop URL, but you can use your website URL (if you have one).

For example, here is a screenshot of Etsy’s Pinterest profile. See the verified website (with the checkmark)?

Etsy Pinterest profile

The following is the original post. Even though some of the information below is now updated, perhaps something will be helpful to you.

Last week, we talked about creating fantastic landing pages for the various social media sites that we frequent. Today, I have an example for you . . . my Pinterest landing page.
This is the page that I link to in my Pinterest profile.

Simply click Edit Profile or Settings to update your link.

Now, when people click on the small world symbol (see the orange arrow below), they will be taken straight to that specific landing page.


Of course, you can put the main URL (web address) of your online shop or blog in that field, but why not create a specific page that will appeal to the people who click over to your site? If people click to my site from Pinterest, they might want to know how I use Pinterest or what they can expect if they decide to follow me.

There are tons of ways that you can tweak your Pinterest landing page:

* You could encourage people to follow you on Pinterest

* You could ask people to like your Facebook page

* You could direct people to a group of fantastic posts on your blog

* You could link to some of your favorite boards (some of which might include pics of your products!)

The sky’s the limit! Just remember that people who land on that page already like (and use) Pinterest, so including language on the page about Pinterest would be in your best interest.

I hope this little example helped you. Have you created a laser-focused landing page for your Pinterest profile yet?


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