On the Dot Loves Pinterest!

Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest! I can't tell you how many times I've heard about Pinterest lately! I'm sure you've heard the buzz too, so I don't have to tell you how FUN (and addicting) it is!

Well, I've had an account on the site for a while, but I just recently started checking Pinterest daily for fun ideas. And yes, it can be a time suck if you don't set limits. However, for a blogger who is looking for fun products, ideas, and projects to feature — it's awesome!

So awesome, in fact, that I've decided to create a new board each week, just to pin the lovely polka dotted things that I find.

Would you like to see the items I pinned this week? Last week?

Now, I've got a crazy, fun, AMAAAAZING idea for Pinterest!! Want to hear it?

Wouldn't it be fun if I created a polka dot board that all of you can contribute to? It would be like one huge board of DOTTY GOODNESS! 

Here's how it would (could) work. Remember, I'm just brainstorming here:

1. First, you need to be a Pinterest user. If you're still waiting for an invite, please let me know. I can invite you!

2. We need to think of a cool (I mean really cool) name for the board because this thing could get really huge!! If you have a suggestion for what we should call this board, do tell.

3. If you're interested in pinning items on this polka dotted board, I'll need to invite you to be a contributor to the board. See the screenshot below? I have to know your username or your email address.

4. As you come across polka dotted items on the web, you would pin them to the board. You'll need to add the Pin It! bookmarklet into your browser's tool bar (see this page for details). OR (for those of you who know Pinterest lingo) you could re-pin polka dotted pins to the board.

New-Pinterest-BoardIf you're interested in this, please leave a comment below, expressing your interest. Make sure that you leave an email address or some other way for me to contact you, okay? 

So . . . are you on Pinterest? What is your username? I'm onthedot. Need an invite? Ask away.


  • Guess where I found you? On Pinterest! LOL! I would love to know how you created that collage of your pins which you featured at the top of this post… so pretty!

  • Hi, Brooke! Thanks for your comment. To create the collage at the top of this post, I just captured a screenshot of my Pinterest board (well, I actually captured 2 screenshots and then pieced them together) and compiled the whole thing (including the text at the bottom) in Photoshop Elements. Have you ever used Elements? There’s a bit of a learning curve with it, but I couldn’t blog without it! :)

  • Jen

    I would absolutely love an invite to Pinterest! I have requested an invite from the site, and 2 weeks later I’m still patiently waiting without any word.
    I am totally addicted and would adore my own account!
    Would greatly appreciate an invite…
    Thank you so much!
    Jen777Wolfie {at yahoo dot com}

  • Done. Enjoy!

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