7 Creative Ways to Share your Product Photography – Part 1

Looking for creative ways to share your product photography with potential customers? Today we begin a series of 7 posts, each one featuring a different tool to help your product photography shine.

Share product photography Animoto


Creative Way #1 – Animoto

Animoto is an online tool that allows users to create photo slideshows, set them to music, and share them with the world. Why not share your product photography via an Animoto video?

Here’s how:

Sign up for a free Animoto account.

Head to animoto.com and sign up.

Decide which version of Animoto suits your needs.

Use the free Lite version first to try the service. Note that you’ll be limited to 30-second videos with the Lite version. Upgrade to a paid version of Animoto for longer time limits and more design options later if needed.

Choose a style for your video.

“Animoto Original” is a minimalistic style that will allow your product photos to shine. The “1:1” style is great for square photos. Whichever style you choose, make sure that it highlights your product photos without distracting from them.

Use only your best product photos in the video.

Include several photo angles and show the item(s) “in use” if possible. Showcase multiple products in one slideshow, or create a different slideshow for each product!

Decide the sequence of the photos.

Animoto makes it easy to drag and drop the photos in place as you’d like them to appear in the video. You can even “highlight” select photos to appear for a few more seconds than the other photos.

Choose a music track that suits your products.

Animoto has hundreds of music tracks to choose from! Consider your products when choosing the music track. Are they meant for play? For relaxation? Consider your potential customers and the atmosphere that you want to create as they view your product photos.

Add text to your video.

Here are some suggestions:

Be sure to include the name of your online shop and the URL at the end of the video.

Share your Animoto video.

Embed it on your blog, share it with your Facebook or Twitter fans, or email it to your subscribers!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Have you ever created an Animoto video? I encourage you to try this fun, creative way to share your product photography!

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